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Medi the Robot Brings Smiles to the Doctor's Office

Meet the world's first robotic pain coach for kids.

Credit: / Kyle Looney

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The doctor’s office is not exactly the most fun place for kids, but with Medi the robot, we might soon be seeing more smiles and fewer tears.

Produced by Rx Robots, Medi is the world’s first robotic pain coach for kids who need a little extra comfort and a distraction from the machines and needles they fear. Medi is a humanoid robot that can walk, talk, recognize faces, respond to voice commands, dance, and even high-five patients. Needless to say, the days of nurses waving stuffed animals around may soon be rendered obsolete.

Medi the robot
Credit: / Kyle Looney

Medi is the world's first robotic pain coach for kids.

Rx Robots is developing a wide range of programs specific to different medical procedures. In addition to distracting patients, Medi informs them about the procedures they are about to experience and what kind of pain and they can expect. From vaccinations, to cast cutting, and dental procedures to MRIs, Medi is specially trained to comfort pediatric patients.

With two cameras, four directional microphones, eight pressure sensors, and 9 tactile sensors, Medi is an observant, responsive, lifelike, and downright adorable little robot who is sure to ease fear and make a lot of friends at the doctor's office.