Step Away From the Tools, This Smart Home Security Works Right Out of the Box

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There are two major obstacles to achieving smart home success: complexity and cost. However, this year at CES there is an avalanche of companies that are looking to crack the home automation code. Specifically, Canary and Archos are working to towards a future where the smart home is both easy and cheap.


One of Canary's limitations is that it requires multiple units to cover a large area.

Canary's self titled product is a single unit that stands six inches tall and three inches deep. The stack contains a wide array of sensors including accelerometers, thermometers, motion sensors, and a wide-lens HD camera. The standard Canary costs $199 and it works right out of the box.

Want to skip the stack and just have the sensors and the app to control them? Archos has you covered. The Connected Home Suite has a strong repertoire of security devices such as pet trackers, motion sensors, and HD cameras.

There's no definite pricing for the Archos as of yet, but given all the hullabaloo about the company's cheaper smart watch, we can expect a more accessible version of Lowe's Iris.


An Archos smart camera, ready out of the box.

These two systems stand in stark contrast to Fabario's Home Center 2. This system costs $699, plus $49-69 per sensor. However, while Canary has limited coverage, and Archos may have programming limitations, Home Center 2 has nearly endless permutations.

Here at CES, there's always plenty of smart home gadgets for early adopters, but this year we expect to see a greater share of devices for everyone else.

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