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The Custom One Pro Plus series answers this call. One of the few complaints consumers had about the Custom One Pros was that despite the ability to change their look, the materials to do so were hard to get. The One Pro Plus solves this problem by coming complete with 16 earcup tiles in a variety of styles. Imagine a team of pro gamers repping their clan with customized headphones and you'll see where Beyerdynamic is going with this.

But pro gamers need headsets, not headphones. Beyerdynamic has this covered, too, with an optional upgrade that turns your Pro Plus headphones into functional gaming gear. This is one of two new cable options—the other is an in-line controller that comes in the box.

Almost all of the aesthetic elements are changeable, from the earpads to the headband. This means that you get the pair of headphones you want, not just what you're given.

Credit: Reviewed.com / Joe Stohlman

The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus come with 16 different inserts, and you can easily make your own.

Comfort meets performance... meets customizability.

Make no mistake, the Custom One Pro Plus are the same headphones as the Custom One Pro. They feature the same over-ear design and snug, comfortable headband. (They are, without a doubt, some of the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn.)

These are, without a doubt, some of the most comfortable headphones I've ever worn.

One of the drawbacks of wearing a headset for long gaming sessions is abrasion on the top of the head and, if you wear glasses, behind your ears. The Custom One Pro and Custom One Pro Plus are soft and pillowed, making six-hour World of Warcraft raids a lot less painful. They're snug, but not so tight that they mash your thick frames into your skull.

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Credit: Reviewed.com / Joe Stohlman

From the front or back, the Custom One Pro Plus look just like the original Custom One Pros.

The designs on the interchangeable earcup tiles are varied enough to fit everyone. Changing the tiles is simple: You just need to remove four hex screws and then mix and match to suit your tastes. The process takes around a minute on each side, without rushing.

The earpads and headband are also changeable. Beyerdynamic offers several different colors, meaning that how the headphones look is completely up to you. Changing the padding is even easier than the tiles, as they slide into place with relative ease.

Credit: Reviewed.com / Joe Stohlman

These headphones come with two cables in the box (a standard cable and an in-line controller), and you can add the optional Custom Headset Gear for gaming.

At last, gamers get access to world-beating sound.

Just like their predecessor, these 'phones allow you to change the sound profile of what you're listening to in each ear. With four sound modes available, you can swap from boosted bass to equalized sound with two quick clicks under each ear. This means that you can tweak your experience without messing around with complicated equalizers on your phone or computer.

What's new about the Custom One Pro Plus is the interchangeable cable options. These can turn the headphones into a gaming headset or ideal partners for your smartphone. A regular audio cable and an in-line controller come standard in the box. The one-button controller integrates with Android and iOS devices, and allows you to accept calls and pause/play your music. What's missing is volume control—a standard feature in most in-line controllers.

Credit: Reviewed.com / Joe Stohlman

While the Custom One Pros weren't fit for gamers, the new Custom Headset Gear add-on mic.

The second microphone option is the Custom Headset Gear, an adjustable microphone that plugs in between your headset and cable. Although we can't speak to the quality of the microphone's output, Beyerdynamic claims that the Headset Gear will turn your One Pro Plus into a professional set.

With this feature, the company hopes to pick up professional gaming aficionados who'll customize their product to fit their own branding. One can easily imagine DJs slapping their own logos on the tiles for a stylized, self-branded look.

The best gets better.

The Custom One Pros are a known quantity, so we won't waste time reiterating how amazing they sound here.

Simply put, these updated Custom One Pro Plus headphones are more of a great thing. With more options, more peripherals, and the same high-quality audio and comfort, these headphones will be a strong choice for gamers, DJs, and anyone else who needs a good pair of headphones.

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