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While jutting out a ridiculous distance from your head, the backs of the s prominently display a brushed metal plate and their logo.

Some may term it "bland" but we'd say "tried and true." The band of the is really nothing special to look at, but it has very thick padding and is fairly adjustable.

There are two removable/swappable cables included with the , a 3.93 foot and a 9.84 foot cable, both Y-shaped, and very well insulated. There are no features like a microphone or remote punctuating either cable.

The 1/8th inch plug is threaded to allow a 1/4th inch plug to screw on, and allow you to use different sources like an amp or older system.

Even though each cord guard is surprisingly robust, even in the extremely unlikely event that you do manage to break them, you can simply toss them in favor of a replacement.

Uncommon with headphones, the s also come with a thinner set of ear pads, and an airplane adapter.

We've emptied the contents of a package of s and put the headphones, an airplane adapter, a 1/4th inch adapter, two cables, and additional ear pads.

While they aren't the most durable headphones we've ever seen, the s can withstand just about any abuse you hurl at them. Not only are they well-constructed, but you can also replace their cables should they break.

They ain't got no alibi, they're ugly. Even though part of the backs are relatively unobjectionable, the sheer size of the cans makes them look bad. Oh well, no headphones are perfect, and these trade aesthetics for durability.

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Despite the high notes straying a little outside of our ideal limits, the s' frequency response is notably flat, meaning most frequencies of sound are reproduced at roughly the same volume. While on its face it may not seem like the best way to listen to music, it actually lends itself well to equalizing. Without altering the response of the playback however, you will note that there maybe isn't as much bass as you're used to, or want. Be sure to check out media players that will allow you to control how your music is reproduced.

Frequency Response Graph
[Click here for more information on our frequency response test.](/content/How-We-Test-149.htm#Frequency_Response) There is an appreciable amount of distortion with the s, but not enough to warrant a precautionary tale. The total distortion sum is actually on the smaller ed, and you shouldn't notice it in your music.
Distortion Graph
[Click here for more information on our frequency response test.](/content/How-We-Test-149.htm#Distortion) If you have the finely-tuned ears of a head and torso simulator, you'll probably notice that the s tend to shift which channel is louder than the other in a relatively unpredictable pattern. However, if you merely have really good human hearing, you may only notice a tiny shift in the highest end of frequencies, though it won't be enough to ruin your listening experience.
Tracking Graph
[Click here for more information on our frequency response test.](/content/How-We-Test-149.htm#Tracking) Considering that these headphones really don't go out of their way to block out noise, it's a pleasant surprise that they actually do a very good job of preventing pesky noise pollution from ruining your listening session. Though it does a great job of blocking out high-frequency noise, it really doesn't do so hot with low frequency noise, meaning car and truck engines will be almost as loud as they would be even if you weren't wearing these on your head at the time. This is fairly common, so it's nothing too huge to worry about.
Isolation Graph
[Click here for more information on our isolation test.](/content/How-We-Test-149.htm#Isolation) Surprisingly enough, the s do leak a fair bit of sound, though the results seem to vary from robot to person to person. If you have a habit of listening to music that may embarrass you if anyone ever learned your deep dark secrets, you may want to just keep your volume under control, lest you pester those around you with your tunes. [Click here for more information on our leakage test.](/content/How-We-Test-149.htm#Leakage) Able to bump beats at a level of 116.58dB, the s can hold their own at volume. Still, if you must listen to music this loud, you should really limit how long you subject your poor ears to that kind of force, as you can easily [damage your hearing permanently](https://headphones.reviewed.com/News/Noise-Induced-Hearing-Loss-and-You.htm). [Click here for more on our maximum usable volume test](/content/How-We-Test-149.htm#Maximum Usable Volume) Given that the band is so tight, those of you with larger heads will absolutely discover some discomfort as a result of the clamping force of the unit. If you have a smaller brain cage, you should be able to wear these with the huge pads to absorb most of the pressure, but that band is *tight*. Over time, if there's an issue with the clamping force for you, it's only going to get worse. That said, few people around the office reported problems, but those that did had consistent issues with the clamping. The s actually afford its users a decent amount of customizability, though it's all functional and not aesthetic. If you want a longer cable, just yank out the 3.93 foot one and attach the 9.84 foot one. If you're using a system with a different jack, or are on an airplane, just use the adapters; it's that simple.
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The s have a cable for both casual listeners and audio nerds: the former is a thick Y-shaped cable that is the standard 3.93 feet long, and the latter is a similarly robust piece of cabling that's 9.84 feet long (perfect for at-home listening stations). Both cables terminate in an 1/8th inch plug that has threading around the base to allow the included 1/4th inch adapter to fasten onto the cable, never to be accidentally torn off.

Despite the fact that the s come with a carrying case, it is extremely bulky and not very useful. If you'd like to take your cans outside, nobody's stopping you, though you will have trouble stowing them should you want to take them off for any length of time. Their large size and relative clunkiness make them almost impossible to manage without a large bag of some sort if you're out on the town.

To those looking for a set of cans they can baby and hold onto for a long time, the s are actually quite easy to maintain. Not only can the cable be easily replaced, but the ear pads can be removed mostly painlessly for an alcohol wipedown should they get dirty.

You're getting a lot for a modest initial investment. That's really the biggest nugget of knowledge we can impart onto you, as not only are you getting a set of cans that are extremely durable and perform quite well, but you're also able to easily maintain them unlike many other options out there for the same price.

While their closed backs and high durability lend well to venturing outdoors, we take no responsibility for insults of "dork" hurled at you, as these are very bulky headphones. Try as they might to accent their casing, the s are just not what you take out on the street to look good.

Poor aesthetics are okay if you care about how your music sounds, as the s do very well in this regard. If you're looking for an affordable set of cans that sound great and are very easy to maintain, the s are a great way to get your foot in the door of higher-end audio.

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