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Wireless in-ear headphones are the next frontier in personal audio. Companies like JBL, Beats, and Denon have already released similar products at a range of price points. So what sets the Klipsch R6 apart?

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The sleek design of the R6 makes a fashion statement out of all of the essential parts, which include earbuds, ear hooks, a connector cable, an inline microphone, and a remote.

Each earbud dangles from the rigid loop by a small stretch of rubber-reinforced cable. The two ear hooks are connected by a strand of cable that can be adjusted to different lengths in order to hang loosely at the back of your neck, or tightly beneath your chin—whatever optimizes your comfort while you’re out and about.

Contained in the right ear hook, the Bluetooth components allow you to stay synced with your device for a distance of up to 33 feet. Klipsch claims that the internal battery, also housed in the right ear hook, should last a good 8-10 hours on a full charge.

Klipsch in-ear
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The R6 earbuds dangle from the sturdy ear hooks.

With the inline mic and remote, you can take and make phone calls, route voice commands to your phone, and change the volume of your tunes. The inline controls are compatible with most Android and Apple devices, but be sure to check compatibility before purchasing.

Admittedly, the specs for the R6 sound pretty routine on paper—but when you actually try them on, the difference between the R6 and other in-ear Bluetooth headphones becomes apparent.

As a person who typically prefers on- and over-ear headphones to in-ears, I was surprised by the comfortable fit of the R6 earbuds. Even more impressively, the R6 earbuds managed to stay put in my tiny ear canals, a feat that most other in-ears I've tried have failed to accomplish.

Equipped with Klipsch’s patented oval-shaped (rather than circular) silicon tips, the R6 earbuds fit gently inside my ear, while the plastic ear hooks kept them firmly in place—even when subjected to vigorous head-shaking. Athletes take note—you should be able to run in these without dislodging an earbud.

As a rule, in-ear headphones are inherently strong isolators, in that they naturally reduce the sound entering your ear canal by blocking it entirely with the silicon. The R6 is no different. When I gave the headphones a try, they greatly reduced the ambient noise of the bustling show floor. However, I was still able to hear the voice of someone standing right next to me. The noise reduction of the R6 is rated at 22 dB.
Based on the limited time we spent with these premium Bluetooth earbuds, we think they'd be comfortable whether you're taking a cross-country flight or just going for a vigorous run. The Klipsch R6 in-ear Bluetooth headphones retail for $149—and that includes three extra silicon tips, a carrying case, and a wire cinch for resizing the connecting cable loop.

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