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Playing music and videos costs a lot of battery life, and if you're on the go all the time, it makes sense to have a backup charger ready to go. The P2 Headset promises HD quality audio, bass boost, and the ability to charge up to 70% of your phone's battery.

The P2s are part of a 5 pair series all due to roll out in 2015. While the P2s were the only set fully functional and ready to test at CES 2015, Phāz Music plans to make the full range available for purchase by the end of the year.

Sleek and sturdy

The entire Phāz range is made of three carbon fiber panels connected with a stainless steel backbone and hinges, folding easily into a hand-sized bunch that fits in its included carrying case. The detachable earpads are made of breathable memory foam and come in several interchangeable colors.

Credit: Reviewed.com / Kyle Looney

The P2 Headphones plugged in for phone charging

The look is sleek and futuristic. The ear cups are soft and comfortable, like wearing pillows on your head. But despite their adjustability, people with smaller heads might find the headband a bit wide.

Activating the HD audio and Bass boost as simple as the press of a button on each earcup. You can charge your phone with a USB port on the left ear, and charge the headphones via micro USB on the right. While listening to music and charging your phone, two chords extending from the left earcup will plug into the micro USB and headphone jack on your phone. If you have a phone with these ports on opposite ends, you may find charging and listening at the same time awkward.

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Credit: Reviewed.com / Kyle Looney

The right earcup of the P2's, showing micro USB and share ports with the HD audio button.

The right earcup also has a a 3.5mm audio output jack that allows you to daisy chain a second pair of headphones into your P2's, sharing the HD and bass boosts with whomever you choose.

They've still got to sound good!

HD audio and bass amplification aren't new features for headphones, but with a $249 pricetag, potential customers will be looking for more than just the ability to charge their phones. The sound quality of the P2's seemed strong. Even without the noise-canceling features promised to other models, a loud convention hall was all but blocked out with the HD and 15 dB bass boost active.

Activating HD audio triggers an immediate, noticeable jump in sound quality. The same goes for the bass boost. At the press of a button you can go from casual listening to blocking out the riff-raff, while listening to Riff Raff.

The charging function is the most important feature of the Phāz range. The P2's are equipped with a 1200 mAH battery that can either charge your mobile phone or powering the set's audio boost systems, not both. But Phāz hopes they can add that feature by the release window in April.

Credit: Reviewed.com / Kyle Looney

The left earcup of the P2's showing its USB port for phone charging and bass boost button

The cost of convenience

Phāz Music hasn't completed their series, but the P2's are a promising teaser for what's to come. The sound quality is satisfying and the charging function is functional. While the price may scare away some, those willing to pay for cool gadgets will enjoy listening to extra hours of high quality music on the go.

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