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Luckily, Plugfones has a solution to liberate you from your tuneless job.

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The brand's eponymous Plugfones come with an NRR certification ensuring that they can reduce ambient noise by an impressive 26dB. I was able to head out onto the busy CES show floor and hear nothing except for the sweet sounds of U2.

And while the chance to break the silence of your jobsite with music is tempting enough, the Plugfones Liberate also make use of Bluetooth, letting you drop the cord and go wireless.

Plugfones are aimed at a small group of people who either want or need to block a lot of outside noise. That can mean anything from working with heavy machinery, to riding a motorcycle, to flying coach. No matter what your jneed, if you're sick of not being able to hear your music, the Plugfones Liberate are a practical solution to an audible problem.

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