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How to use the Find My feature for AirPods in iOS 15

A new update is coming for AirPods Pro and AirPods Max

A pair of AirPods Pro, in their case, resting against a wooden surface. Credit: / Jackson Ruckar

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It's never easy losing a good pair of headphones. You either spend hours tearing apart your home trying to hunt them down, venture out into the world to retrace your steps, or bite the bullet and drop a wad of cash on a replacement. Fortunately, Apple's rolling out an update to AirPods Pro and Max firmware that allows you to track down your set in the Find My app, so you won't have to bite into your budget for a new pair.

Apple's handy location-tracking app makes it easy to keep an eye on all your Apple devices, including MacBooks, iPads, Watches, AirTags, and now AirPods (Pro, and Max). You can even keep an eye on your friends, if you both consent, for a little extra safety precaution. Most of your devices should populate there automatically unless you've disabled Find My. Once they've been added, you'll be able to pinpoint their last-known location on a map, play a sound to hunt it down, get visual directions to the device's location, and even mark it as lost.

There's no way to download the new update (firmware version 4A400) to your headphones. You'll have to wait for it to hit your device, but once it's there your AirPods should automatically appear inside the Find My app. The options are a bit more limited—you can only play a sound or get directions—but the tracking still works. In our quick testing, the sound played after roughly 20 seconds on one set of AirPods Pro—the update isn't available for regular AirPods, unfortunately.

If your AirPods aren't showing up in your Find My app quite yet, don't panic, the update is still rolling out (though making sure you’re on iOS 15 might help). You can try forcing the update by making sure your AirPods are connected to a power source, then ensuring they’re connected to your iPhone or iPad, and keeping them close to each other for a few minutes. Once you've received it, you'll be able to rest a little easier knowing that even if your AirPods are out of sight, they may not be totally lost.

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