Nab a pair of wireless headphones for just $25

Who says wireless headphones have to be expensive?

TaoTronics wireless Bluetooth headphones Credit: TaoTronics

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If you're not particularly picky when it comes to audio and you've been hesitant to cut the proverbial headphone cord due to the typically-steep costs associated with wireless headphones, now might be the time to act—Amazon is selling these wireless in-ear headphones from TaoTronics for just $25.

Now, to be clear, we haven't tested these in-ear headphones in our lab, so we can't speak on their performance. That said, at a measly 25 bucks, they might be worth a shot. For what it's worth, the user reviews on Amazon seem to be overwhelmingly positive. It's not the best measure of a product's quality, but it's a bit reassuring.

The TaoTronics wireless in-ears feature a built-in microphone and playback controls, and there are magnets housed inside the buds to keep them from falling off your neck when they're not in use.

If you're not a stickler for premium audio, there's a good chance these in-ears will get the job done for a fraction of the cost of most mid-range and high-end wireless headphones.

TaoTronics wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones - $24.64 on Amazon

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