We're Updating Our Scoring System On HeadphoneInfo.com

We upgraded our scoring system. Here's how.


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In order to remain as transparent as possible in our review process, we're writing to let you know that HeadphoneInfo.com has just deployed some scoring updates. These have been in a statistical analysis process for some time, and we now feel ready to put them live on the site. These changes should reflect a more accurate depiction of how our tested headphones perform when compared to each other.

For starters, we're weighting audio quality much heavier than before. While it's true that there are many things that matter when you're buying headphones, what's more important than how they sound? Additionally, we've eliminated a bunch of really bizarre statistical anomalies that had a negative effect on our scoring. This will make the scores you see much more accurate.

You may also notice that older headphone reviews have dropped off the radar completely. While some are important headphones, they used a different scoring system than products of the last 2 years, and as such are no longer directly comparable to other product we've looked at more recently. This isn't to say that they're bad or don't compare to the headphones on the leaderboards, it's just bad science to use two completely different metrics to compare things.

This is the first scoring update we've made in quite some time, but updates must be made as the product landscape changes, technologies advance, and our own understandings of our testing and scoring methodologies grow. We're constantly working on other updates and fixes that will make the site better, and we'll roll those out when they come.

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