Winamp (Free) App Review

We take a peek at the free version of Winamp for Android.


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Next up in our whirlwind tour of audio apps is the free version of Winamp for Android. Overall, this version of Winamp bears very little resemblance to its PC version, which allows you to do all sorts of fun stuff with your music like virtually equalize it, create or download skins, etc. Basically, it can play music on your device, and has only a very limited selection of options. Still, the Play Music app isn't for everyone, and one of the cool things about owning an Android phone or tablet is the ability to replace core features of your stock software with alternatives via the Play Store. If you'd like to give a new player a shot, the free version of Winamp is a logical place to start.

What works well on Winamp (free)


It functions exactly as a music player should, with all of the basic controls and functions laid out in a format that while standard, is intuitive. What isn't so standard is the fact that you can make ringtones from your music, which is very cool. While that alone isn't exactly a huge draw for an audiophile, it's fun for casual users. On top of all that, this app is free! If you don't like it, you haven't wasted any money! If you do want all the advanced features like an EQ, you're going to have to shell out $4.99 for the Pro version.

What doesn't work so well on Winamp (free)


Prepare for a viking funeral for your device's battery, because that thing's going out in flames. Even in the short time it took to review this app, it ate about 1/3rd of our battery here at the lab, meaning that the phone we used it on could only sustain about 4 hours of constant use on a full charge. If you're going to be using this app on your phone, we'd urge you to strongly reconsider, unless you're looking for a convenient excuse to have your battery die.

Worth the download?

No. Absolutely not. Unless you actually have it out for your device's battery life, we'd stay away from it. The app may be free, but the frustration it brings is simply not worth it. Don't take this to mean that all Nullsoft programs are bad; in fact, the PC based version of Winamp is legendary in its longevity and popularity. It's just that the free version of this app is not ready for primetime, though it will probably be updated in the future.

Winamp's free and Pro versions can be found in Google's Play Store.

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