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Sony's VR Headset with Motion Tracking Not Ready for Prime Time

It'll make you see things, like the bridge of your nose.


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I tried the Sony HMZ-T3W with motion tracking at the company's booth today at 2014 International CES. The headset is available for purchase for $999.99, but the motion tracker has yet to hit the market.

After sitting down in the comfy chair, the HMZ-T3W was strapped on. While the specs claim the HMZ-T3W offers the equivalent of 750 inches of screen, none of those inches cover the lowest section of your vision. If you're the kind of person who finds one flaw tends to break your immersion, the lack of coverage will ruin your experience.

However, once the actual demo started most of that was forgotten. The promo video showed a racecar drive down a winding road, from the point-of-view of the car's bumper. During the two-minute demo onscreen flicker was notably absent, and so were artifacts on the screen. Typically, shoving your face near a screen tires your eyes, but I could picture myself using the HMZ-T3W for long periods of time.

The picture adjusted as I moved my head from left to right, up and down. There was some input lag, and for a $1,000 product that's a deal-breaker.


A before and after experiencing the HMZ-T3W

The HMZ-T3W is a fun novelty, and I spent my demo smiling, but it's no Oculus Rift.

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