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This wearable is like a dash cam for your face

Somewhere between creepy and beautiful lies Blincam

Blincam lets you take a picture just by winking Credit: / Jonathan Chan

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When I first heard about the Blincam, I thought it'd be a product for creepers. It's a small camera that can be mounted to your glasses that snaps a picture if you wink. Google Glass comes to mind, which had a similar feature, but I think Blincam can stand on its own as a product.

For one thing, it's a lot less intrusive, hanging out only on the side of your glasses, rather than wrapping around the front of your face. The whole unit is 3.6 inches long, and tips the scales at 25 grams, less than an ounce. When it's on your glasses, you quickly get used to it.

Credit: / Jonathan Chan

The camera will take pictures on par with your smartphone.

Once mounted to your glasses, all you need to do is wink, and a proprietary sensor activates the HD CMOS camera. The current model has 16GB of memory, but you can also pair with your smart phone via Bluetooth 4.1 if you want to instantly view your photos.

I changed my mind about Blincam after I stopped looking at it like it was a product you'd wear everywhere like Google Glasses. Rather, these would be great for instructors.

Imagine you're trying to show off something that requires a certain point of view, like how to properly hold a bow and arrow. By showing what you're seeing, it makes the process easier for an outsider to understand. The same goes for any task that requires both your hands, like taking photos while you're cooking. That is especially true if something unexpected happens, and you don't have time to fumble around for your phone.

Credit: / Jonathan Chan

Blincam can affix to any pair of glasses.

On that note, Blincam might also be useful as a dash-cam-like device, but on your face. More unexpected events happen in a wink of an eye rather than in the time it takes to unholster your phone.

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Blincam will start shipping in April 2017 for $199.

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