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  • Phunaya Adjustable Storage System, 34"

  • Rubbermaid Corner Tool Organizer

  • Stalwart Garden Tool Organizer

  • StoreYourBoard BLAT Tool Storage Rack

  • Berry Ave Organizer

  • Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower

  • Piyl 17” Stainless Steel Organizer

Phunaya Adjustable Storage System, 34"

As one of the few all-metal organizers listed, the PHUNAYA organizer grabbed my attention right away. Described as a wall-mounted, heavy-duty organizer, the PHUNAYA uses adjustable hooks to hold a variety of tools, with a maximum weight of 18 lbs per hook. The hooks are covered with rubber and fold down when not being used.

While some reviewers commented that the rubber cover pieces and the rubber cap sometimes slide off, the most common (but infrequent) complaint involved difficulties with mounting the organizer on the wall. Several reviewers commented that the spacing for the screws didn’t quite line up with typical stud placement. One reviewer solved this issue by bolting a 2x4 to the wall between two studs and then securing the organizer to that lumber. Problem solved.


  • Mostly metal

  • Durable construction


  • Rubber pieces fall off

  • Hard to mount

Rubbermaid Corner Tool Organizer

At first glance, the Rubbermaid Corner Tool Rack appears to be a stand-alone unit, but the most frequent complaint was the unit falling over or collapsing when loaded up—particularly when not attached to a wall. Many reviews comment on being surprised at the sturdiness of the unit, given so many reviews comment on the unit collapsing, but we think proper installation is the key here.

Of the more than 3,000 positive reviews, there was a common theme: attach the rack with a screw so it won't fall over. It's also important to be thoughtful about the order of tools in the rack (tall and heavy tools in the back, short in the front). Reviewers also were impressed by the Corner Tool Rack's easy assembly. Like many Rubbermaid products, this rack is constructed entirely out of plastic that claims to not dent, rot or peel over time, so it should hold up well even in a damp, outdoor shed.


  • Heavy duty

  • Easy to assemble

  • Fits in corner

  • Holds 30 tools


  • Unstable unless secured

  • No wall secure hardware

Stalwart Garden Tool Organizer

With a large enough capacity to store over 40 tools and a set of wheels to move it, this plastic organizer appears to offer an excellent mobile storage solution. Unfortunately, many reviews mention the ineffectiveness of the wheels. One review, in particular, cautioned other users to not even try moving the organizer after putting tools in it, with several reviews noting the flimsy nature of the wheels and the easily cracked plastic frame. The idea is great, the quality of the organizer itself doesn't measure up to people’s expectations.

That said, this is still a large organizer with plenty of options for storing your upright tools so they're available when you need them. Our advice? Forget about the wheels, leave it where it is, and just think about it as a medium-sized, stationary organizer.


  • Holds many tools

  • Wheeled

  • Easy assembly


  • Wheels don't support weight

StoreYourBoard BLAT Tool Storage Rack

If your motto is “keep it simple”, this is the organizer of your dreams. It'll hold a bunch of basic long-handed tools like edgers, shovels, and trimmers. With four sets of steel prongs simply welded to a steel plate, this organizer is as basic as it gets.

The most frequent complaint from reviewers: when mounting the rack on a wall you may want to purchase sturdier hardware, like longer carriage bolts. As a final note on installing, be thoughtful about the height you place this rack. As one review noted, you’ll want to make sure it’s mounted high enough that nobody in your house will walk into it accidentally. This organizer is an eyeball plucker, at the right height.


  • Great quality

  • Durable construction


  • Too heavy

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Berry Ave Organizer

If the tools creating your cluttered chaos are large shovels and heavy brooms, this isn’t the organizer you’re looking for. This organizer is restricted to more slender handles of less than 1.25 inches or less, limiting the tools that can be stored in it to things like plastic brooms, rakes, or similar items.

With the extra six fold-down hooks, smaller items or handles with loops can be easily stored as well. While the plastic construction might not suit all users, several reviewers specifically commented on being pleased by the quality for the cost. If you've got some basic tools to hang on the wall, this should get the job done.


  • Unique roller-style pincher

  • Mounting template included


  • Difficult to mount

  • Hooks close together

Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower

A wheeled tool organizer appeals to many users, whether it’s to reduce trips back and forth to a garage or to allow for easy access to unexpected tool needs. With this organizer, reviewers commented on stability and the value, noting the slide-in clips to hold tool handles and the locking castor wheels.

Some reviewers described the tower as being flimsy, either showing the bottom folding under the weight of tools or instability when trying to move the organizer. Generally, reviewers were mostly satisfied with the organizer and the quality of the Rubbermaid tower. Just be sure not to overload it, and you should be fine.


  • Holds 30+ tools

  • Maintenance-free plastic

  • Four castor wheels


  • Plastic could warp in heat

Piyl 17” Stainless Steel Organizer

With four spring-loaded friction holders as well as four metal hooks, the basic Piyl organizer offers a couple of different options for organizing your tools. While the spring-loaded slots can only hold five pounds, the metal hooks are rated to hold ten pounds. Unlike other friction holders, reviewers commented on the ease of placing and removing tools from this organizer.

Several reviewers loved the easy installation, though some commented on issues with mounting hardware being more flimsy than expected, and recommended purchasing screws and anchors separately. Overall, reviewers seemed satisfied with the value for the price as long as you’re careful about installation.


  • Two types of holder

  • Easy to install

  • Good value


  • Limited clamp diameter

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