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  • American Legend Kirkwood 9’ LED Light Up Shuffleboard Table with Bowling

  • Empire USA Premium Shuffleboard Pucks

  • EF Shuffleboard Bowling Pin Set

  • Allen R. Shuffleboard Premium Shuffleboard Set

  • GoSports Driveway Shuffleboard Game Set

Product image of American Legend Kirkwood 9’ LED Light Up Shuffleboard Table with Bowling
American Legend Kirkwood 9’ LED Light Up Shuffleboard Table with Bowling

If you are starting from scratch but want a full set of tabletop shuffleboard, bowling, and the table to go with it, this nine-foot table is the way to go without committing to the larger 16-foot tables. It’s a bit under 200 pounds, so it’s heavy but not obnoxiously so, with a rustic hardwood look for both the game surface and the table itself.

The table comes with a full set of steel pucks, a full bowling set, built-in LED lighting, scoring tabs, and shuffleboard powder to keep the surface smooth. It also features carpeted side gutters, so the pucks make less of a racket when leaving the table, which is a nice touch.

The biggest drawback here is the table’s design, which seems to cause some issues with shipping. Though most of the reviews had four or five stars, there’s a significant number of reviewers that had the table damaged in shipping. Make sure you keep your packaging and inspect for any issues before you accept delivery and you should be good to go.


  • Full at-home table

  • Comes with full bowling set

  • Beautiful rustic style


  • Sometimes damaged in shipping

Product image of Empire USA Premium Shuffleboard Pucks
Empire USA Premium Shuffleboard Pucks

If you just need a good set of shuffleboard pucks, this Empire USA set comes very highly recommended. It has two full sets of four pucks each, in red and blue, in a locking case.

Reviewers raved about the build quality and control they offer. They are a tad smaller than some of the larger pucks that may come with your table, but they make up for it with consistent travel speed.


  • Includes high-quality pucks

  • Stainless steel with beveled edges

  • Pucks offer lots of control


  • Just pucks, no other accessories

Product image of EF Shuffleboard Bowling Pin Set
EF Shuffleboard Bowling Pin Set

If you like your existing shuffleboard set but want to add tabletop bowling to it, this hardwood set with carrying case and pinsetter is a lovely extra. It comes with ten 4-inch pins and a resin bowling ball, making it easy to quickly set up after each round.

There weren’t as many reviews of this set on Amazon, but it rated highly in general. It has the making of a great tabletop bowling set, whether you use it on a shuffleboard table or a more conventional billiards table.


  • Full bowling set for shuffleboard tables

  • Pins made of hardwood

  • Includes case


  • Resin bowling ball

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Product image of Allen R. Shuffleboard Premium Shuffleboard Set
Allen R. Shuffleboard Premium Shuffleboard Set

If your idea of shuffleboard is the classic game played on a court outdoors, this tournament-ready set has everything you need (except the court, of course). It has eight pucks (yellow and black), as well as four fiberglass tournament cues and a book of instructions and strategy.

Reviewers were quick to point out that this set is more for family play than for serious enthusiasts, with sticks that can bend a bit and bounce. The pucks are made of solid plastic, but will hold up to significant abuse, from one of the best-known brands in shuffleboard gear.


  • Proper outdoor shuffleboard set

  • Includes four 75-inch cues

  • 8 official tournament discs


  • Only used for classic outdoor shuffleboard

Product image of GoSports Driveway Shuffleboard Game Set
GoSports Driveway Shuffleboard Game Set

If you just want a fun shuffleboard accessory set for outdoor use with the kids, this driveway set from GoSports has just what you need: two basic cues, eight pucks, and chalk to draw your own court in whatever style of game you prefer.

Reviewers like the low price, sturdy design, and durability of the set, especially since it’s obviously made with kids in mind. It has tons of high ratings, with minimal complaints—as long as you’re not looking for a more serious set, of course.


  • Family-friendly shuffleboard game

  • Comes with two cues

  • Includes four pucks


  • Not tournament official

  • Outdoor only

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