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10 Cyber Monday deals you didn't know you needed

If you didn't think you were in the market for any deals on Cyber Monday, you were wrong


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Every year from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, I throw all of my money goals out the window and buy things that I didn't budget for. But you know what? That's okay. It's not that I didn't need these things. It's that I didn't know I needed these things. Luckily, I always have a few extra bucks lying around for random things I find, like the life-size giraffe statue that sits in my living room and the gold llama luggage tag I bought over the weekend because how could I not buy it? It was a llama luggage tag. A once-in-a-lifetime buy. A gem in a pile of dust. Do I need help for my shopping addiction? Yes? No? Maybe? Yes.

While the Reviewed team has been updating this page with the best Cyber Monday deals of 2017, I did some digging today to find the best deals you didn't know you needed. So, my friends, please enjoy browsing through these 10 items that will potentially make you scream out loud because oh my god, how did you not know you needed that?!

Happy shopping. I'll see you next year, credit card goals.

1. An Adorable Llama Duster

Llama Duster
Credit: Modcloth

I honestly was not enthused about Cyber Monday until I saw this bad boy on Modcloth's website. Modcloth has the best home and kitchen accessories. Last year I found cat measuring cups there, and now there'a llama duster?! For 30% off?! This is the best Cyber Monday ever. I need five of these.

Get the Particle to Play Llama Duster for $10.50 (down from $15) from Modcloth

2. Socks

Under Armour Socks
Credit: Amazon

Socks, hair elastics, tupperware... WHERE DO THESE THINGS GO? DOES ANYONE KNOW? If you do, please let me know because I'm clueless. Every two months, I always find myself sock-less, and I feel like most people are in the same boat. So why not beat the system and get yourself some socks while they're on sale? That's what I'm doing. And I'll try not to lose them this time. Just kidding, it's actually impossible to not lose socks.

Get Under Amour Women’s No-Show Socks (6 Pairs) for $13.53 (down from $19.99) on Amazon
Get Under Armour Men’s Low Cut Socks (6 Pairs) for $16.49 (down from $21.99) on Amazon

3. Gold Bar Cart

Gold Bar Cart
Credit: Nordstrom

Gold bar carts are all over my Instagram and Pinterest feeds. They are the epitome of home decor goals for myself, but they are so expensive. Today, this vintage looking bar cart is on sale at Nordstrom. How cool is this thing?! Now imagine it filled with your fancy bottles of wine, expensive vodka, and mixers. Bar goals. 'Tis the season.

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Get the Creative Co-Op Clover Rolling 2-Tier Metal Bar Car for $217.75 (down from $325) at Nordstrom

4. Travel Sized Purell

Purell for days
Credit: Amazon

When I was in California during college, my grandmother sent me a lifetime supply of travel Purell from Massachusetts. The Swine Flu was at its height, and she was afraid I would catch it during my travels back home for summer. I never got the Swine Flu that year, which was good, and I developed an addiction to Purell, which was also good. I promise that you will always have a need for 36 cases of travel Purell in your life. Whether you're planning to travel a lot over the holidays or not, no one likes getting sick during winter. Protect yourself from germs! Pick up Purell in bulk! Your grandmother will be pleased.

Get PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer Portable Bottles (Case of 36) for $24.08 (down from $43.22) on Amazon

5. Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Maker
Credit: Amazon

I love popcorn. I eat it almost every night, but not healthy air-popped popcorn. I eat 100-calorie bags of SkinnyPop and small microwavable bags of popcorn. What lies in my dreams, though, is a real live popcorn maker that pops a healthy treat at home—without being processed. While I do love my SkinnyPop and homestyle Pop Secret bags, DIY popcorn would be better for my health.

Get the TWOBIU Popcorn Machine for $19.96 (down from $29.96) on Amazon

6. Eucerin Lotion for Dry, Sensitive Skin

Healing Lotion
Credit: Amazon

Every winter, cold weather comes and destroys skin all over. That's why you need lotion at home to heal your dry, sensitive skin. Eucerin's Original Healing Creme has 4.5 stars from over 700 customer reviews, and I feel like I see it in a lot of my friend's and family's bathrooms. Save your skin from winter... on a budget.

Get Eucerin Original Healing Creme for Dry, Sensitive Skin (Pack of 2) for $16.55 (down from $30.36) on Amazon

7. Pineapple Float

SUNNYLIFE Pineapple Float
Credit: Nordstrom

Okay, I know it's almost December and most people aren't thinking about summer pool parties, but I am. And you should be, too. What are you planning on doing? Waiting until May to panic about getting pool floats for your summer rental home and spending $50 - $100 on individual pool floats? No, no, no. You shouldn't do that. Not when pool-float-cult-favorite brand SUNNYLIFE has an inflatable pineapple float on sale for $24. This price is less than two salads at Sweetgreen. What are you waiting for? The float will go back up to its regular price soon.

Get the SUNNYLIFE Inflatable Pineapple Pool Float for $23.92 (down from $66) at Nordstrom

8. A Plush Throw

Plush Throw
Credit: Nordstrom

I have an unhealthy obsession with plush throws. Part of that is because they look good on the couch (they double as decor), and the other part is because I spend winter hiding under a blanket on my couch watching Netflix until summer rises again and I can go outside. Hibernate for a good price and get yourself another plush throw. You can never have too many, right?

Get the Kennebunk Home ‘Bliss’ Plush Throw for $29.99 (down from $39.99) at Nordstrom

9. DNA Test

DNA Test
Credit: Amazon

One of 2017's most popular items for holiday shopping so far have been DNA tests. If you're anything like me, you probably didn't know you needed a DNA test. But then again, if you're anything like me and you tell everyone your ethnicity is your religion (for me, that would be Jewish), this might be a good buy for you. I honestly don't know where my family is from, but this DNA test could let me know, AND it could help connect me to family members I didn't know about. I didn't think I would be adding this to my cart today, but here we are.

Get the AncestryDNA: Genetic Testing Kit for $54.99 (down from $99) on Amazon

10. Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag Chair
Credit: Amazon

So I've had this insane idea to host a pajama party and put air mattresses and bean bag chairs all over my apartment. If my friends are reading this, I hope you're into this, because right now this comfy bean bag chair is on sale meaning I can buy some to actually throw this party. Party or not, bean bag chairs make me nostalgic for my youth. However, I am not nostalgic for inflatable bean bag chairs. Those were never comfortable. What were we thinking? Let's bring non-inflatable bean bag chairs back like it's 1999.

Get the Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair for $153.40 (down from $289.43) on Amazon

Prices are accurate at the time of publication, but may change over time.

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