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10 incredible Society6 artists worth checking out

Deck the halls with these unique designs.

Credit: Society6

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When I’m having a bad day, what's far more effective than eating ice cream straight out of the tub is browsing Society6. I get lost in their endless upon endless selection of fine art prints, towels, mugs, furniture, and anything you could ever need to give your home a personalized, unique touch. This isn’t your grandma’s artwork either—artists consistently use whimsical and provocative motifs with themes ranging from sex to politics to religion.

You’ll always be able to find a new print or design worth gushing over in its Collection section, featuring everything from trending tapestries to Black artists. To search by print, you can also check out the Discover tab for an endless gallery of gorgeous designs that'll look great printed on everything, including a credenza, a coffee table, or a mug.

The issue? Society6’s inventory is so vast that after several years of online window shopping, it was only recently that I’ve been able to decide what I actually wanted (like this color-blocked coffee table and this vintage Barbie canvas print I plan on staring at several hours a day).

To save you from spending hours scrolling down the rabbit hole (though, to be fair, it is part of the fun), we’ve rounded up 10 incredible designers to check out on Society6, with each one boasting a unique flair. You can get these printed on pretty much every furniture or home decor item of your choosing, making discovering a new artist you love even more exciting.

1. Better Home

Better Home
Credit: Society6

Better Home softens your home from every angle.

For soft and gentle patterns that make you feel right at home, you’ll love sifting through Better Home’s 453 designs. The artist borrows from the hand-held crystal trend but makes it their own by infusing everything from glitter and animal print in their stone-centered prints. Through the artist’s Collections, you’ll also see an incredible range of mermaid shower curtains, Sakura cherry blossom bedding evocative of Arizona Iced Tea, and vintage and shabby chic illustrations depicting the Eiffel tower and Provence. Note: the artist makes it clear that no real glitter is used on the designs—it is merely printed.

Shop art from Better Home on Society6

2. Manzel Bowman

Mazel Bowman
Credit: Society6

Mazel Bowman tells the truth about Black history in his eye-catching designs.

Artist Manzel Bowman takes viewers through a real trip. Each of the artist’s 484 designs explores themes of Black pride, depicting African figures in otherworldly settings with no shortage of bright florals, starry galaxies, and pyramids under dimly lit skies. The artist’s mix of historical and fantastical is what makes his collection stop you in your tracks every time you land on his work.

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Of his collection, the artist says in his profile: “The recurring theme of African people is found in my artwork to paint a narrative that is seldom seen in American culture…I want to remind people of African descent that we have our own religion, beliefs, and deities that have been removed from us over the span of history. African traditions are rich in color and creativity, and I simply want to capture a piece of it in each piece.”

Shop art from Manzel Bowman on Society6

3. Vincent Trinidad Art

Vincent Trinidad Art
Credit: Society6

Vincent Trinidad Art masters the Japanese retro aesthetic.

Calling all cat lovers: Vincent Trinidad Art depicts your favorite feline friends like you’ve never seen them before. The graphic designer and illustrator uses his affinity for retro ‘80s art and Japanese aesthetic to imbue a sense of humor into all his works, from “Catana” to Shinobi cats to piping bowls of ramen within the wave of an ocean. Contrasted against predominantly black backgrounds, his modern take on traditional iconography stands out.

Shop art from Vincent Trinidad Art on Society6

4. Francisco Cortés

Francisco Cortés
Credit: Society6

Francisco Cortés' designs instantly turn your home into an art gallery.

Cortés’ work is incredibly thought-provoking. The Mexico City-born 3D illustrator emphasizes both texture and empty space to achieve a minimalist look. You’ll find no shortage of impeccable use of geometry, as evidenced by this violet number full of jagged edges and contrasting curves that speak to his industrial design background. His use of lighting is both moody and upbeat—yet another testament to his artistic prowess.

Of his designs, Cortés says on his page: “I would like [my work] to evolve towards minimalism and pure abstraction, in which the forms, the space, the silence and the ‘breathing’ of the composition provoke an explosion of meanings, as happens in poetry.”

Shop art from Francisco Cortés on Society6

5. Vicky Brago-Mitchell

Vicky Brago-Mitchell
Credit: Society6

Vicky Brago-Mitchell's art speaks to our sense of wanderlust.

Out of Vicky Brago-Mitchell’s 2,200 designs, you’re bound to find something that catches your eye. The Stanford-trained digital artist uses fractal, low polygon techniques to reproduce the likes of traditional Persian, Punjab, and Turkish patterns. Her designs have that worn-in look that translates well on meditation cushions, yoga mats, rugs, and pillows. Reviewers who consider themselves “art snobs” even say her pieces add eclectic charm to any room.

Shop art from Vicky Brago-Mitchell on Society6

6. City Art

City Art
Credit: Society6

City Art is your one stop shop for mid-century modern designs.

It’s no secret that the mid-century modern aesthetic is reigning supreme these days, and that’s why City Art is a must if you’re looking to keep your home up with the times. The designer’s art transports you to another era—perhaps the 1950s—but also features something imperceptible in the coolest way.

You’ll see plants that only recently became trendy like Monstera leaves, tasteful nude silhouettes, and stacks of unidentifiable objects in muted tones that somehow work and complement any color scheme. Due to the versatile nature of City Art’s work, they’re worth displaying on a statement furniture piece like a credenza or coffee table.

Shop art from City Art on Society6

7. Pepino de Mar

Pepino de Mar
Credit: Society6

Pepino de Mar's collection will instantly boost your mood.

While Pepino de Mar is a stock and product photographer by trade, there’s nothing generic or pedestrian about these designs. The artist’s 730 prints use light and bright colors depicting somewhat bleak subjects—think Barbie raising a middle finger against a bubblegum pink background to a toy cow getting abducted by aliens against a bright blue sky. Pepino de Mar’s sense of humor will add some much-needed joy to your day, so be sure to bring them with you wherever you go, like on a phone case or tote bag.

Shop art from Pepino de Mar on Society6

8. Samsumart

Credit: Society6

Samsumart celebrates her Filipina heritage in her traditional-yet-contemporary portfolio.

You don’t need to be from the Philippines to appreciate the natural beauty inherent in Filipino culture, and that’s what architect-turned-artist and illustrator Samantha Sumulong aims to prove with her unique portfolio. The collection is predominantly an ode to beautiful Filipina women in all their multifaceted forms—from brides in traditional modest garb to yogis contorting their bodies in modern Lululemon-approved attire. Renderings of the Philippines landscape are more abstract, with patterns of pale yellow waves and native tropical flowers that each looks gorgeous printed on a plush pillow sham.

Of her work, the artist says on her page: "I am always inspired by the culture of my country and want to celebrate that through my works. I love sharing the beauty of the Philippines—its people, fashion, architecture, food, mythology and so much more."

Shop art from Samsumart on Society6

9. SpaceFrogDesigns

Credit: Society6

SpaceFrogDesigns take on nature is as much bold and evocative as it is soft and nostalgic.

If you love a unique take on a landscape, you’ll pine(tree) all over SpaceFrogDesign’s massive inventory of mountains at dusk, starry skies over icy lakes, moonlit oceans, and indigo deserts under a glowing blue moon. The husband-and-wife duo says Katherine mostly plays around with the color, texture, and shape of nature, while Vernon tends to experiment with 3D. The literal marriage of the two techniques works to create a comprehensive collection of art that’ll trick people into thinking you have impeccable taste. It’s also worth highlighting the portrayal of animals in the wild—often metallic—that feel like they’re jumping right off the page.

Shop art from SpaceFrogDesigns on Society6

10. Cat Coquillette

Cat Coquillette
Credit: Cat Coquillette

Cat Coquillette gives us the gift of travel through art.

The illustrator, educator, and brand designer Cat Coquillette sure knows how to tell or story or evoke a mood through art. As a self-described nomad, her collection takes you all over the globe right there with her. You can almost taste the hand-painted French champagne, feel the bright Japanese sunshine on your skin, and hear the revving of the engine in her depiction of retro cars.

The artist describes her style as “typically [incorporating] bright pops of color, vibrant typography, and a blend of hand-painted brushwork and clean vector illustrations.” It’s no wonder she has a sturdy celeb following, with the likes of Hilary Duff, Khloe Kardashian, Lauren Conrad, and Jessica Simpson rocking her designs.

Shop art from Cat Coquillette on Society6

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