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10 things you need to host Friendsgiving that will make people think you're more domestic than you really are

Mask your hosting insecurities with these products

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There is a certain allure to hosting a great gathering of friends. Decorating your home for the season, flexing your coveted cooking muscles, and ultimately breaking bread with your dearest friends.

Then reality hits and you realize planning a Friendsgiving or any major dinner party is actually extremely stressful. What if no one likes your food? Is there even enough space in your home? How are you going to keep the turkey from drying out? These are all questions that could cause mini panic attacks up until the moment of your big event.

Well, don't panic, we're here to help. Here are ten products for hiding your inner freak out and making people think you’re more domestic than you really are.

Slow Cooker

As the home goddess herself, Martha Stewart recommends getting a slow cooker and finding great slow cooker recipes.

Slow cookers are one of the greatest unsung heroes of the kitchen. While we wouldn't recommended cooking a turkey in one, slow cookers are an extremely versatile must-have for any kitchen. Not only will your home smell incredible upon your Friendsgiving commencement, it will also free up time in your busy schedule.

iPad Stand

Have you moved past physical recipe books but still find yourself constantly checking your iPad for menus and recipes? Well, just leaving your tablet lying on the kitchen counter isn't going to cut it any longer.

There are multiple options out there that utilize this piece of tech in a presentable way. Stephanie Liebold of Brit.Co showcases some cool and totally hostess-worthy ways to display the iPad within a kitchen. It’s a savvy solution.

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Cutting Board

If you plan on entertaining as you prepare your Friendsgiving feast, chances are you're going to be chopping some vegetables. How do you go about slicing and dicing those veggies in an efficient and polite way? By using a cutting board that isn’t glass.

According to Coco Morante of The Kitchn, working on a glass cutting board is not only harsh on your knives, but also your guests’ ears. We recommend swapping out your glass cutting boards with wood versions, or at the very least a plastic option.

Carving Knife and Fork

Speaking of knives, here's how to to really impress your friends. Selecting a good quality carving fork and knife will go a long way in easily slicing through the bird.

Worth Every Bite recommends the The Wusthof Classic 2-Piece Hollow-Ground Carving Set (MSRP $120). The set includes a blade precision forged from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel and has some pretty solid user reviews. It sounds like a winner to us.


If you're including a turkey as part of your Friendsgiving spread, you will continually need to check on how the roast is doing throughout the day.

In order to ensure the turkey emerges beautifully cooked, we suggest using the innovative Tovolo Easy Reach Bulb Baster to moisten it like a pro. This tool is a host’s dream according to Christina Chavez of Mama’s High Strung. No more drips, burns or messes. It also comes with a brush.


Is there anything better than hot gravy poured across a Thanksgiving plate? Here's a way to make sure that even late guests wont miss out on the experience. While you could warm up your gravy when it's time for dinner, this simple solution means you won't have to bother.

As Nacia Walsh of CaféMom brilliantly suggests, house the sauce in a thermos to ensure the perfect temperature lasts well into dinner. Although, you may want to decanter it before serving, unless you're going with a camping theme for the event.

Fridge Storage

A simple step in creating the appearance of an organized host or hostess throughout the day begins with maintaining the cleanliness and function of the refrigerator. These fridge storage bins will keep everything in its place and prevent any catastrophic spills.

If you're cooking for a large group, you may find that your fridge just isn't big enough to handle all the ingredients. In order to keep your food safe, Julie Ryan Evans of CafeMom also notes freeing up space by using cooler temperatures in the garage for storage.


Fridge storage bins and the cooler temperature of the garage can help keep ingredients cool, but what about food that needs to be kept warm? Hannah Norling of The Daily South has tips for turning a certain tailgating staple into a miniature warmer.

Despite the name, a cooler can be used to keep warm foods insulated. In order to warm up the cooler first, Norling recommends heating some bricks in the oven, wrapping them in foil, and placing them in the cooler on a bed of newspaper.


The real secret to being dubbed “hostess with the most-est” is your ability to create an impressive table layout. One way to achieve this is to think carefully about your choice of glasses.

The simplest way to go about this is to find a theme and go all out. For example, the voice behind the blog Carrie Bradshaw Lied suggests a mixed metals display with candles and appropriate glassware. We recommend some affordable mint julep cups, to add a bit of variety to the proceedings.

Goodie Bags

Finally, dazzle your Friendsgiving guests with the ultimate goodie bag, a to-go box.

Be super domestic like Rachel Ray and decorate them with cute labels and tags. It will be the cherry on top of a perfect Friendsgiving feast.

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