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12 bathroom accessories you need if you're obsessed with rose gold

Rose gold is always a good idea.

12 bathroom accessories you need if you're obsessed with rose gold Credit: Reviewed.com

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Rose gold lovers were dealt a crushing blow last week when Apple revealed the new iPhone X won’t be available in this beloved color. The best strategy for coping with this upsetting news is to find another way to incorporate your favorite color into your life. A little home decor update may be in order!

You can use rose gold throughout your home, but one of the easiest places to incorporate this color is in the bathroom. Rose gold accessories look simply stunning in a chic, modern bathroom, as they lend a touch of luxury and elegance to the room. If you want to bring your bathroom decor to the next level, here are 12 affordable rose gold products to decorate with.

1. A toilet paper holder with built-in phone shelf

Beelee Rose Gold TP and Phone Holder
Credit: Beelee

Even your toilet paper can be stylish!

Yes, you read that correctly. The rose gold Beelee Stainless Steel Wall Mount Toilet Paper Holder comes with a built-in shelf where you can place your phone—because we all know someone who’s dropped their phone in the toilet!

Get a Beelee Stainless Steel Wall Mount Toilet Paper Holder on Amazon for $13.79

2. A countertop canister for cotton swabs

mDesign Cotton Swab Holder
Credit: MetroDecor

This canister has compartments for cottons balls and swabs.

Here’s another cute rose gold accessory for your vanity. This clear cotton swab holder has a rose gold cover and trim, and it even has separate compartments for cotton swabs and cotton balls.

Get an mDesign Cotton Swab/Ball Holder Canister on Amazon for $9.99

3. A rose gold towel bar

Aothpher Rose Gold Towel Bar
Credit: Aothpher

This sleek bar will look great on your bathroom wall.

You can hang your towels in style with this gorgeous rose gold towel bar. The Aothpher Wall-Mounted Copper Bathroom Towel Bar is 22 inches long and easy to install, making it a classy, functional addition to any bathroom.

Get a Aothpher Wall Mounted Copper Bathroom Towel Bar $37.99

4. A floral shower curtain with rose gold accents

Society6 Rose Gold Shower Curtain
Credit: Society6

Turn your shower into the room's focal point.

Put the finishing touch on your rose-gold themed bathroom with a beautiful shower curtain. The Society6 Modern Handdrawn Abstract Faux Rose Gold Flowers Pattern Shower Curtain is almost like a piece of art with its elegant rose gold flowers—your guests are sure to comment on it.

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Get a Society6 Modern Handdrawn Abstract Faux Rose Gold Flowers Pattern Shower Curtain on Amazon for $68

5. A holder for your hair tools

mDesign Rose Gold Hair Dryer and Accessory Storage
Credit: MetroDecor

Store your hair styling tools neatly on the counter.

Do your hair dryer and styling tools end up strewn across your vanity? Keep them neat and organized with this cute mDesign Hair Dryer & Accessory Storage Holder, which is available in your favorite color.

Get a mDesign Hair Dryer & Accessory Storage Holder on Amazon for $15.92

6. An organizer for your favorite makeup

Simplify Rose Gold Makeup Holder
Credit: Simplify

Keep your makeup and jewelry in order with this organizer.

Keep your go-to makeup within reach with the Simplify 8-Section Cosmetic and Jewelry Makeup Organizer. The plastic organizer has eight compartments that are ideal for your favorite lipstick, eyeliner, nail polish and jewelry!

Get a Simplify 8-Section Cosmetic and Jewelry Makeup Organizer on Amazon for $14.99

7. A clear toothbrush holder with a rose gold accent

InterDesign Rose Gold Toothbrush Holder
Credit: InterDesign

Store your family's toothbrushes in style.

Keep your bathroom’s aesthetic clean and simple with the InterDesign Clarity Toothbrush Holder. This product has room for up to three toothbrushes in the clear holder, and the rose gold finish on top is an endearing pop of color.

Get a InterDesign Clarity Toothbrush Holder Stand on Amazon for $9.99

8. A simple, classy soap dish

InterDesign Rose Gold Soap Dish
Credit: InterDesign

This soap dish is incredibly easy to clean.

Put your bar of soap to rest on the InterDesign Gia Two-Piece Bathroom Soap Dish and Drainage Tray. This two-piece soap dish makes it easy to clean, and it will look stunning beside the sink or in the shower.

Get a InterDesign Gia Two-Piece Bathroom Soap Dish and Drainage Tray on Amazon for $17.76

9. A sleek dual-chamber shower pump

OWOFAN rose gold dispenser
Credit: OWOFAN

Dispense soap and shampoo from this rose gold wall-mounted pump.

Upgrade your shower with the OWOFAN Wall Mount Shower Pump. Go ahead and toss out those cluttered bottles in your shower because now you get your soap and shampoo from this double chamber dispenser, which mounts right to the wall.

Get an OWOFAN Wall Mount Shower Pump on Amazon for $26.90

10. A showstopping trash can

mDesign Rose Gold Trash Can
Credit: MetroDecor

Is this not the prettiest trash can you've ever seen?

Pretty isn’t generally a word used to describe trash cans, but the rose gold mDesign Wastebasket Trash Can is actually quite attractive. Its simple metallic exterior would look amazing against a white tile floor in the bathroom.

Get a mDesign Wastebasket Trash Can on Amazon for $29.99

11. A clear soap pump for the sink

InterDesign Rose Gold Soap Pump
Credit: InterDesign

Get squeaky clean with this soap pump.

Like several of the previous accessories, the InterDesign Clarity Soap Pump uses clear plastic and rose gold trim to create a simple yet chic look. It would be the perfect complement to the toothbrush holder!

Get a InterDesign Clarity Soap Pump on Amazon for $9.99

12. A sleek two-sided makeup mirror

Miusco Rose Gold Vanity Mirror
Credit: Miusco

This makeup mirror have 7x zoom for perfect application.

It’s easier than ever to touch up your makeup with the Miusco 7X Lighted Magnifying Two-Sided Makeup Mirror, which comes in a lovely rose gold finish. It’s 8 inches across and had a built-in LED light for precise makeup application.

Get a Miusco 7X Lighted Magnifying Two Sided Makeup Mirror on Amazon for $39.99

Prices are accurate at the time of publication, but may change over time.

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