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18 storage solutions you'd never guess were from Home Depot

Bet you didn't know you could get things like this from the Big Orange.

You'd never guess these organizational pieces came from Home Depot! Credit: Home Depot

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When you think about Home Depot, your mind probably jumps to those giant orange carts and walls of paint chips and two-by-fours and kitchen displays. But they actually offer a ton more these days, including furniture and decor so you can get everything for your home in one place.

Note that not everything on this list is going to be available in stores. A lot of Home Depot’s home decor and furniture are online-only. However, you can have everything sent to the store, which means you can combine two errands into one trip if you also needed home improvement supplies or a new large appliance or fertilizer for your plants.

1. A shelf that perfectly combines rustic and industrial aesthetics

Home Decorators Collection Shelf
Credit: Home Decorators Collection

What's not to love about this rustic industrial shelf?

This 6-foot-tall shelf looks like it was rescued from an abandoned Victorian-era hotel or early 1900s America and people seem to love it. The combo of the industrial metal frame and the rustic, distressed wood makes it fit in well with a number of styles, and reviewers said it showed up well-packaged and damage-free.
Get the Home Decorators Collection Manchester Natural Cabinet for $699

2. The perfect sideboard for a rustic dining room

FirsTime Storage Cabinet
Credit: FirsTime

This sideboard-style cabinet lets you hide things while showing others off.

Sideboards are brilliant, and you don't have to limit them to dining rooms only. The shallower design makes them great for halls and entryways as well as smaller rooms. This one in particular is nice because you can use the sliding "doors" to hide things you don't want out on display (napkins, cutlery, barware, etc.) while showcasing other items in the open-air shelves.
Get the FirsTime Brown Barn Door Cabinet for $155.13

3. A cabinet for all your spare towels

Baxton Studio Storage Cabinet
Credit: Baxton Studio

This cabinet has plenty of room for anything you need to store away.

This cabinet gives off a majorly spa-like vibe, making it perfect for a bathroom or laundry room. With three wide shelves inside, it's got more than enough room for towels, spare bedding, toilet paper, and extra toiletries. But it'd also feel at home in the living room or a den or even a kitchen, really.
Get the Baxton Studio Winda Dark Brown Wood Storage Cabinet for $63.07

4. The two most highly rated file cabinets Home Depot sells

Home Decorators Collection File Cabinets
Credit: Home Decorators Collection

File cabinets are functional, but they can look pretty too.

The Home Depot has a handful of their own furniture and decor lines, and these two file cabinets from their Home Decorators Collection are among the most popular with nearly 1,500 ratings between them and 4 out of 5 stars for each size. Why? Because they're actually file cabinets, but they're not that militaristic gray sheet metal you normally see. No, with these you can keep your files organized without disrupting the decor of your home office. The smaller one (not pictured) only has two drawers, making it a good choice if you don't have too much paperwork to worry about.
Get the Home Decorators Collection 28.5-Inch Oxford File Cabinet for $134
Get the Home Decorators Collection 41-Inch Oxford File Cabinet for $169

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5. A large but portable kitchen island to expand storage and working space

Home Styles Kitchen Carts
Credit: Home Styles

Storage at a premium but ample floor space? A kitchen island could be the answer.

If you've got a medium-to-large kitchen but never seem to have enough room in your cabinets or counter space to meal prep, a kitchen island may be in your future. Building a permanent fixture is ideal if you want to relocate your sink, stovetop, or other appliances, but it's not cheap and not always necessary.

There are dozens and dozens of kitchen carts and islands at Home Depot, and this one by Home Styles is the most popular option. It has four working drawers, a towel bar for your paper and hand towels, a built-in spice rack, and two large cabinets for pots and pan, food storage containers, or small appliances. With nearly 400 positive reviews, it's definitely the first one you should consider if you're ready to upgrade your kitchen (for less than a full-scale remodel). Plus it comes in a ton of colors and a handful of countertop options including quartz and granite.
Get the Home Styles Create-a-Cart Kitchen Cart with Granite Counter Top starting at $298.92

6. A funky ottoman to stash stuff and make a statement

Merax Black and White Cow Ottoman
Credit: Merax

How could you not want this ottoman?

I cannot get enough of this bovine ottoman. It is udderly charming, and with a nearly perfect 5-star rating I’m not the only one who thinks so. You might want to put this in a playroom or maybe you’ve got a funky, eclectic style that would welcome a cow-shaped storage ottoman. The storage compartment is on the smaller side, but it’d be great for tiny toys or stashing smaller items like magazines, remotes, or even snacks!
Get the Merex Cow Storage Ottoman for $49.46

7. A rustic suitcase to store and display at the same time

Vintiquewise Decorative Suitcase
Credit: Vintiquewise

This suitcase isn't built for travel or longterm storage, but it's a cute way to keep your displayable knick-knacks tidy.

Not all storage needs to be hidden away and out of sight. Sometimes, you've got a collection of decor or memorabilia you want to show off without the risk of losing track of any one item. This decorative suitcase lets you do just that, and if you want to put things away for cleaning or a party or whathaveyou, just shut the lid and store it away. Reviewers say it's not very sturdy, as it's meant for display, but that its features and adornments make it look fantastic.
Get the Vintiquewise Decorative Wooden Leather Suitcase for $48.65

8. This highly rated and totally timeless jewelry box

Mele & Co. Bette Jewelry Box
Credit: Mele & Co.

Stop misplacing your earrings, rings, and other baubles. Keep them all in one adorable and roomy jewelry box.

If you own more than a small handful of jewelry, you need a good way to store it and keep it organized (and tangle-free). Home Depot shoppers gravitate toward this jewelry box, which they say has ample storage space, making it easy to keep track of everything from costume to heirloom pieces in one place.
Get the Mele & Co. Bette Mahogany Finish Wooden Jewelry Box for $80

9. These beachy boxes that look at home in any room

Litton Lane Coastal Storage Boxes
Credit: Litton Lane

Keep your love of the beach in your life all year long by going totally coastal with your decor.

I grew up in a beach town, and this type of decor was in every home I ever entered. While it's not my style now, it always sends me back to summers on the Shore, saltwater in the air, seagulls squawking and waves crashing. If you want to capture that essence, these storage boxes will fit right in with the beachy aesthetic you're after.
Get the Litton Lane Coastal Rectangular Wooden Plank Boxes (Set of 2) for $31.53

10. Clean-cut baskets to keep shelves clutter-free

Vintiquewise Seagrass Storage Baskets
Credit: Vintiquewise

Something about these woven baskets just screams "spa day" to me, and I think they'd be right at home in a bathroom or laundry room, but would also look great in a zen-like living room. The fact that the liners are washable is an added bonus.
Get the Vintiquewise Seagrass Shelf Basket for $16.50

11. Soft-sided baskets perfect for playrooms and dens

Colonial Mills Storage Baskets
Credit: Colonial Mills

Got kids? Sharp corners are not your friend, but these soft baskets can be. They come in loads of colors, especially the set of three, and are great for organizing toys.
Get the Colonial Mills Color Pop Round Polypropelyne Basket for $115
Get the Colonial Mills Vintage Farmhouse Basket Set for $129

12. Gold boxes that add a splash of fabulous

Cosmo Living by Cosmopolitan Gold Storage Boxes
Credit: Cosmo Living by Cosmopolitan

These storage boxes are the fastest way to elevate your room to glam status.

Did you know Cosmopolitan (yes, the magazine) has a line of home decor? Me either, but they do and this set of golden wood boxes is one of the hidden gems of Home Depot. Whether you're aiming for a midcentury modern look or just want to make a room feel more luxurious, this set is a must.
Get the Cosmo Living by Cosmopolitan Rectangular Gold Wooden Boxes (Set of 2) for $76.21

13. Sleek kitchen storage to elevate your countertop

Old Dutch Kitchen Canisters
Credit: Old Dutch

Stashing your dry goods in canisters is the epitome of "adulting."

I've always wanted to have a kitchen where I store my dry goods (pasta, rice, beans, etc.) in fancy jars instead of the boxes they came in. These hammered metal canisters are exactly what I'd always pictured, especially as my grandmother had a similar set full of cookies when I was little.
Get the Old Dutch 4-Piece Hammered Antique Copper Canister Set for $50.60
Get the Old Dutch 4-Piece Copper Hammered Canister Set for $53.13

14. Simple food storage set for your pantry staples

Food Storage Containers
Credit: OXO / Polder / Mason

On the counter or in the pantry, these containers look nicer and keep food fresher than the packages they come in.

Those canisters are a pretty specific style, and if they don't blend well with yours, you can still find what you need at Home Depot. Whether you love the farmhouse look of mason jars filled with beans and pasta or you want something functional that looks nice too, they've got options. The OXO containers are simple and perfect for pantry organization where the mason jar and stainless sets are great for pantries or countertops.
Get the OXO Good Grips 10-Piece POP Container Set for $99.95
Get the Polder Stainless Steel 3-Piece Canister Set for $22.99
Get the Mason Craft and More 4-Piece Glass Preserving Jar Set for $9.88

15. A modern-industrial floating shelf to display your tchotchkes

DANYA B Industrial floating shelves
Credit: DANYA B

Sometimes a touch of industrial can help make a farmhouse or modern aesthetic look just right.

Of everything on the list, these shelves are easily the most "Home Depot" styled, but only because they're industrial by nature. Install them on an empty wall and fill them with your favorite books and some greenery to soften the look. You can find more variations of these shelves, including full bookshelves, at Home Depot if you want to go all-in.
Get the DAYNA B 3-Shelf Staggered Industrial Floating Wall Shelf for $95.89
Get the DANYA B Urbanne Industrial Aged 3-Tiered Floating Wall Shelf for $102.99

16. A mirrored corner shelf to celebrate your love of ‘80s decor

The Howard Elliot Collection Mirrored Floating Shelves
Credit: The Howard Elliot Collection

This mirrored shelf throws off serious retro '80s vibes and I can't get enough.

The 1980s have been back in the spotlight for the last couple of years for their fashion, music and overall aesthetic. And if you want to capture some of that decades-old nostalgia, you'll probably want to consider splurging for this gorgeous mirrored shelf. It's an eye-catching piece and a great way to store and display your retro memorabilia.
Get the Howard Elliot Collection Zig-Zag Mirrored Shelf for $507.65

17. A sophisticated laundry hamper

Home Decorators Collection Hampers
Credit: Home Decorators Collection

Everyone has dirty laundry, but no one wants to look at it.

Even if you're actually on top of your laundry all the time, those plastic baskets are just not very pleasing to look at. Home Depot has a number of hampers that will keep your dirty clothes so out of sight you might even forget you ever have to do laundry at all. This is one of the most highly rated hampers they offer, with 4 out of 5 stars and over 170 ratings. You do have to build it yourself, but it'd be worth the effort to have a tidy bathroom or bedroom.
Get the Home Decorators Collection Hampton Harbor Beadboard Hamper for $119.40

18. A hamper that your kids will look forward to using

Home Decorators Collection Animal Hampers
Credit: Home Decorators Collection

These elephant hampers are so cute your kids will look forward to chores.

Getting children to pick their clothes up off the floor is an eternal battle. But this highly rated elephant hamper might make cleaning their rooms a fun job. It comes in three colors so you can get different ones for different kids (or to help teach them about sorting colors and whites!). You could also use it to stash spare blankets and toys for a baby's bedroom or playroom.
Get the Home Decorators Collection Animal Laundry Hamper for $61.58

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