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19 pieces of home decor from Target’s kid’s section you'll want—no matter your age

This kid's stuff is probably nicer than your adult stuff

Pillowfort Credit: Target

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Kids clothes and decor are the best. They’re cheaper and so much cuter than their grownup counterparts. Target’s Pillowfort collection is no different. It’s the retailer’s line of kid’s home decor and every single piece is adorably covetable across all ages (and much classier than the inflatable, bubblegum decor offered when I was a kid). We rounded up 19 of the cutest pieces for your grownup home.

1. Printed sheets

Credit: Target

This dalmatian-esque print is chic on anything from twin to queen-sized.
Buy printed sheet set for $26.99-$43.99

2. White flower wall art

Credit: Target

This piece begs to be featured on any gallery wall.
Buy flower wall art for $16.99

3. Striped bath towels

Credit: Target

Who said fiesta stripes are only for kids?
Buy bath towels for $6.99

4. Dinosaur wall art

Dinosaur art
Credit: Target

Come on. That's funny.
Buy dinosaur wall art for $27.99

5. Two-tone window curtains

Credit: Target

Bonus: They're light-blocking.
Buy window curtains for $14.99

6. Striped pin board

Credit: Target

One might say this board is studly.
Buy striped pin board for $24.99

7. Ship string art

Ship string art
Credit: Trget

A piece that will impress all your mateys.
Buy ship wall art for $19.99

8. Floral shower curtain

Floral curtain
Credit: Target

Warning: Only purchase if you want your bathroom to appear designed by Rifle Paper Co.
Buy floral shower curtain for $16.99

9. "Hello" bathmat

Hello bathmath
Credit: Target

Perfect for lonely studio apartments!
Buy bathmat for $14.99

10. Ship wall hooks

Ship hooks
Credit: Target

Nautical and nice.
Buy ship wall hooks for $14.99

11. Woven area rug

Diamond rug
Credit: Target

Fact: I have this in my own grownup home.
Buy woven area rug for $24.99

12. Flamingo desk lamp

Flamingo lamp
Credit: Target

Add some kitschy flair with on-trend flamingo decor.
Buy flamingo lamp for $29.99

13. Faux fur rug

Fuzzy rug
Credit: Target

The most hygge home accent.
Buy faux fur rug for $24.99

14. Mint bathmat

Mint rug
Credit: Target

Sink your toes into this fluffy, pretty mat.
Buy bathmat for $14.99

15. Fuzzy beanbag

Bean bag
Credit: Target

Because you're never too old.
Buy fuzzy beanbag for $39.99

16. Bicycle throw pillow

Credit: Target

Two-wheelers are for adults, let's be real.
Buy throw pillow for $16.99

17. Unicorn lamp

Unicorn lamp
Credit: Target

A gold unicorn! How could you not?
Buy unicorn lamp for $34.99

18. Flamingo shower curtain

Flamingo curtain
Credit: Target

Because flamingos are cute.
Buy flamingo shower curtain for $16.99

19. White wicker basket

Credit: Target

Perfect for storing cozy blankets.
Buy white storage basket for $31.99

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