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22 things under $25 that can make your living room cozier

A comfortable and welcoming oasis awaits—and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

A hanging plant, Himalayan salt lamp, and a stack of pillows. Credit: Ecovibe / Himalayan Salt Lamp / Miulee

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The living room is where the magic happens. It’s a space for unwinding after a long day or entertaining family and friends over the weekend. Since it’s a room where lots of time is spent by the home’s dwellers and visitors alike, you’ll want to make it as warm and comfy as possible.

From wall art to snuggly area rugs, here are 22 highly-rated items you can use to cozy up your living room. And the best news of all is that these items are all under $25. Who says you need to empty your wallet to create the perfect living room?

1. Plush, decorative covers for your throw pillows

A stack of pillows sits in a living room.
Credit: Miulee

We all need a little comfort.

With a sleek, environmentally-friendly design, these decorative covers can give your living room throw pillows an elegant look of high fashion and comfort for a fraction of the cost. Cushion your back with pillows without getting them dirty—and the hidden zipper prevents these pillow covers from becoming a scratch threat. Available in three different size options (as well as a plethora of colors), thousands of reviewers rave about these chiffon accents.

Get the Miulee 3d Decorative Covers from Amazon for $13.99

2. Flameless candles for a relaxing atmosphere with softer light

A group of flameless candles in darkness.
Credit: Antizer

Add some romance and candlelight without a flame.

Have you tried setting the mood with a room full of candles, but cringed when you had to get up to blow them all out? Well, these flameless candles are perfect for you! While flameless candles have the appearance of real candles, their wax pillars are battery operated with a remote control and timer function, both features that eliminate the need to worry about safety. Set the timer on these flameless candles for two, four, or even eight hours of soothing relaxation.

Nearly 15,000 reviewers gave these candles a 4.6-star rating, noting that they appreciate the realistic aesthetic without the fear of creating a fire hazard.

Get the Flameless Candles from Amazon for $20.99

3. This fuzzy fleece blanket you can get toasty with

Sets of Pavilia blankets.
Credit: Pavilia

Stay warm and comfy with these blankets.

Imagine warmth being at your fingertips on a frigid night. Nothing says comfort like snuggling beneath a fuzzy blanket. The super-soft microfiber is silky smooth to the touch. With a wide variety of colors and designs, the Pavilia fleece throw blanket can be used as a furniture accent or be put to good functional use (like keeping you warm). The textured, waffle pattern is lightweight and provides the perfect accent to your sofa and living room. A few reviewers warn that there could be some “initial shedding,” but overall the consensus on this fleece is two thumbs all the way up (or 4.6 stars, to be exact).

Get the Pavilia Fleece Throw Blanket from Amazon for $20.99

4. A cozy addition for the fur babies

A dog sits on a doggy bed.
Credit: Furhaven

Your pooch needs just as much comfort as you do.

Your best furry friends deserve to bask in coziness too! The Furhaven Orthopedic Pet Sofa makes it easy for your cat or dog to curl up alongside you (or the whole family) to unwind after a long day. The egg-crate feature makes room for airflow and cradles your fur babies’ bodies in a way that relieves pressure from their joints. This sofa is the ultimate living room comfort must-have for pets. It’s not the best dog bed you can buy, but it is a great steal for its price.

Get the Furhaven Orthopedic Sofa from Chewy for $22.09

5. A Bohemian rhapsody on the walls

Four colorful prints hang on a living room wall.
Credit: Liberat Atelier

Channel your inner hippie with these boho prints.

These boho-inspired, abstract landscape digital downloads are perfect for your living room walls. No need to wait for items to ship—you can print the cluster of digital images, frame, and hang them yourself. The image bundle includes 25 high res prints that range in size. Customers love the quick deliverables and chic gallery vibes. This wall art is sure to add depth and warmth to any living area.

Get the Boho Art Digital Prints from Etsy for $7.79

6. The fluffy rug perfect for kids

A furry pink rug.
Credit: Junovo

Add a pop of color with this furry rug.

The texture of this shaggy rug provides immediate comfort to the little ones. Have them rest their tiny toes on a colorful floor rug without spending lots of money. These kids’ rugs are also great for preventing messes on the carpet or hardwood floor. Have a spill? Nearly 8,000 reviewers have something to say about this 4.6-star rug, and they especially appreciate the durability and easy vacuum cleanup (hand wash only for these rugs!).

Get the junovo Kids Area Rugs from Amazon for $21.99

7. A gorgeous ceramic dish to add color

A pair of ceramic red lips house succulents.
Credit: Apartment 119

Add a bit of sass for succulents.

Apartment 119’s mantra is simple: “Open your mind and your home, homie.” And with all the wonderful goodies this brand has to offer, they make it quite easy. All types of things fit in these sassy, decorative holders, including smudging sticks, succulents, and trinkets. . It also comes in multiple colors, so you can nab these lips in pink or purple if those are better suited to your tastes.

Get the Red Ceramic Lips Catch-all from Apartment119 for $24

8. An affordable essential oil diffuser

An Asakuki room diffuser.
Credit: Asakuki

Make your living room smell like a slice of heaven.

Get the perks of going to a spa without leaving your living room. Named one of Reviewed’s best oil diffusers of 2021, the Asakuki 5-in-1 aromatherapy diffuser will have your living room smelling like a slice of heaven. The seven LED light colors are great, but what’s best about this diffuser is the easy-to-clean water tank. Made with BPA-free products, you can feel great making your living room more cozy while helping to protect the environment.

Get the Oil Diffuser from Amazon for $23.99

9. This dreamy succulent

A hanging green "hope" plant.
Credit: Ecovibe

This semi-succulent doesn't need much water to stay green.

This house plant with coin-shaped leaves does well in living room areas because it doesn’t need direct sunlight to thrive. Also known as the “hope” plant, all you need is a moderately lit space and you can watch this plant flower and grow. And a bonus for houseplants is that studies have shown that there are many positive health benefits associated with keeping indoor plants including allergy relief and boosts in mood. Can’t go wrong with that!

Get the Peperomia Plant from Ecovibestyle for $18

10. These chic blackout curtains

Blackout curtains opened and closed.
Credit: BGment

Let there be light...or total darkness.

There’s nothing wrong with a sunshiny dose of vitamin D, but the bright rays can put a damper on a soothing mood. No worries. Blackout curtains keep the light from shining through your living room, creating the ultimate space for relaxation. Blackout curtains block out a whopping 85-99% of the sunlight, creating an ambiance perfect for sleep and ultimate relaxation.

These curtains come highly rated on Amazon, with 26,000 reviews and a solid 4.7-star rating. They come in 11 sizes and 24 colors, meaning you can perfectly customize your choice for your living room.

Get the Blackout Curtains from Amazon for $19.89

11. A simple lamp for lower consumption

A minimalist lamp.
Credit: Lifeholder

Add to the ambiance with some warm lighting.

With a vintage, wooden-base design, this table lamp can be used to soften the mood without creating too much light in your living area. The energy-efficient fabric shade can pass for a contemporary or classic table lamp. This lamp requires an E26 base bulb in warm white, cool white, or changing colors. However, the E26 LED light bulb is not included with the purchase (but you can buy one here). Reviewers highlight this as “the perfect accent lamp that can blend in with almost any decorating scheme.”

Get the Lifeholder Table Lamp from Amazon for $19.99

12. These gorgeous soy candles

A collection of soy candles.
Credit: Mo's Collection

Nothing screams serenity better than hand-poured candles.

Sure, flameless candles can help set a relaxing mood, but nothing screams serenity better than hand-poured candles. Mo’s Collection is a boutique candle company that prioritizes sustainability and great customer service. Mo’s all-natural candles are made with pure ingredients and come in cute eco-friendly tin cans that can be repurposed for just about anything after its use—I once used the tin cans for planting.

Mo’s offers a bundle collection for every season in addition to traditional scents like lavender, vanilla, and eucalyptus. With decadent seasonal scents ranging from neroli and sweet jasmine to hydrangea and clove (and many others in between!), one customer explains, “the scents are powerful enough to fill my home with a delightful smell without being too much.” Even if you never light a candle, the packaging is aesthetically beautiful, making it a great accent piece to any living area. All spring (or seasonal) bundle orders always include free shipping.

Get the Seasonal Candle Bundle from Mo’s Collection for $24

13. This multipurpose faux sheepskin rug

A white shag rug sits on a wood floor.
Credit: Ashler Home Decor

This shaggy rug offers immediate comfort.

The Ashler faux sheepskin rug doubles as a soft place to rest your feet as well as a decorative throw for any sofa, futon, or recliner. With several colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from, the faux fur makes this rug soft to the touch. Thousands of reviewers have been impressed with the quality of this rug and boast of this product’s lack of shedding.

Get the Faux Sheepskin Rug from Amazon for $18.99

14. A gorgeous plant basket for the plant mamas and papas

A woven basket houses a houseplant.
Credit: Natural Craft

You don't have to keep only plants in this basket.

Made from natural seagrass by Vietnamese artisans, this handmade, eco-friendly foldable plant basket is great for potting large indoor plants. Its sturdy structure and flexible bend also make it the perfect multipurpose storage for your home, too. No plants? No worries. Use the foldable chameleon basket to store laundry, toys, magazines, or throw blankets. It can even be used as a picnic basket! While the basket comes in different sizes, reviewers warn to not rely on the set measurements.

Get the Foldable Plant Basket from Amazon for $12.98

15. This gorgeous vase for placing cut flowers

Three ceramic white pots.
Credit: home x be

Show off your flowers in style.

One of home x be’s designer favorites is this simple, small ceramic vase. The color of white sand with a 3.75-inch diameter opening is perfect for storing small bundles of cut flowers in and around the living room. Founder and owner of the BE. collection, Brittany Elise emphasizes, “I believe your home, a personal and sacred space, is essential to every individual’s well-being.” We believe it, too!

Get the Volta Vase from home x be. for $25

16. A rustic incense holder

Room diffusers holding incense.
Credit: home x b

This bohemian incense holder comes in three different colors: black, bone, and terracotta.

If you are using incense to deodorize the living room, you’ll want to place it in a holder. This rustic incense holder comes in three bohemian-themed colors (bone, terracotta, or black) and is sure to make a great accent for a coffee table or living room shelf. The circular plate collects incense ashes so that this comforting practice doesn’t become a fire hazard.

Get the Boheme Incense Holder from Home x Be for $22

17. A fluffy bean bag chair for kids

A child sits on a bean bag chair.
Credit: Aotson

Unwind and relax in a fluffy bean bag.

Looking for a way to store stuffed animals and provide comfortable seating for the kids? Then you’ll love this dual-function bean bag and stuffed animal storage. It’s made from plush fabric, which is super soft and cozy. This chair is machine washable, but customers have had better outcomes with hand washing and drying naturally. Please note: the bean bag cover does not come with stuffed animals.

Get the Bean Bag For Kids from Amazon for $18.74

18. An ottoman so you can put your feet up after a long day

A small storage cube doubles as an ottoman.
Credit: Ronsta

This storage cube does double duty as an ottoman.

Ottomans are great for relaxing. Easy to assemble with a top-cushion memory foam, this ottoman can be used to elevate weary feet in addition to storing your favorite household items. Decreasing clutter in the living room by using this storage ottoman can help you feel at ease. Customers appreciate that the ottoman is lightweight and easy to fold away.

Get the Storage Ottoman from Amazon for $18.99

19. Soothing wooden artwork to hang

Wooden light-up wall hangings.
Credit: Besuerte

Add a warm touch to your entryway.

Guests will instantly feel at home with this handmade hanging wall art. The distressed style includes distressed plywood with a grey finish. The lighted mason jar adds a warm touch and can be set to a timer. Not included are additional LED string lights with an auto timer that turns on and off for up to six hours. This art has nearly 10,000 ratings on Amazon, with an overwhelming number of them rating it the full 5 stars.

Get the Rustic Wall Art from Amazon for $22.99

20. A salt lamp for a hint of pink shade

A lit and unlit Himalayan salt lamp.
Credit: Himalayan Salt Lamp

This Himalayan salt lamp is a great housewarming gift.

The alleviating amber hue of a salt lamp is great for setting the mood in your living room. We’re not touting any health benefits of salt lamps, but these natural-colored beauties are great for creating a warm atmosphere. The light from this lamp is perfect for creating a dimly lit area of the living room. Himalayan salt lamps make for great housewarming gifts or a personal centerpiece splurge for your coffee table.

Get the Himalayan Salt Lamp from Walmart for $11.79

21. A bookshelf so you can read your way to tranquillity

A white bookshelf on display.
Credit: Room Essentials

Display your books and hobbies.

For many, curling up on the sofa with a good book is the epitome of relaxation. This three-shelf bookshelf will ensure that all your favorite titles are right at your fingertips. The wood finish bookshelf with adjustable open shelves makes an indirect way to bring comfort to your living space. Reviewers praise the ultra quick assembly and sturdy nature of this bookshelf.

Get the Room Essentials white bookshelf from Target for $25

22. These sweet mini succulents for a pinch of liveliness

Succulents in terracotta pots against a white background.
Credit: Ashland

Add some life to your home.

If you’re going for a cozy living room, that might include a symbol of vibrancy. Micro succulents are itty bitty plants that can help you achieve this look. Place the tiny plants on end tables or atop fireplaces, especially during spring. You can snag these little plants at Michael’sfor less than the cost of a candy bar!

Get the Micro Succulents from Michaels for $1.99

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