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This kitchen by millennials, for millennials has a beer dispensing robot—and lots of cereal

What kind of a kitchen would millennials design for themselves?


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Millennials have spoken, and they know what they want in their kitchens. According to young designers, the kitchen of the future should be a gathering place for people and their pets, with natural surfaces, a place for composting, and fresh cereal always on tap.

And if they don’t feel like cooking? A robot should be able to deliver pizza and fresh beer straight to the living room.

Millennials want inexpensive, individual touches that personalize their kitchens.

Those are the findings of a survey of 18-29 year olds who participated in a kitchen design study held by two German universities. While the robot might be a bit of a tongue-in-cheek critique of instant gratification, the other designs all have something in common: Millennials want inexpensive, individual touches that personalize their kitchens.

They’re grrrrrreat!

Cereal Dispenser
Credit: Reviewed.com / Keith Barry

This cereal dispenser can fold back into a cabinet when not in use

The young person’s relationship with cereal is a conflicted one: Despite a bunch of new cereal-only restaurants opening in hipster enclaves, cereal companies are blaming millennials for an overall decline in sales, claiming that shiftless young people have spurned the breakfast food because it requires too much preparation.

Perhaps this cereal dispenser will do the trick. It holds up to five different varieties in a dispenser that folds away into a cabinet when breakfast—or snack time—is finished.

Food for people, and food for pets

Pet food tray
Credit: Reviewed.com / Keith Barry

Simply pull out the stainless tray, and you'll have a food and water station for dogs and cats.

Compared to all other age groups, millennials are more likely to have pets. That’s why this concept kitchen puts a feeding station for dogs and cats right near the sink.

It’s built into the toe kick of the kitchen’s bottom cabinets—which is an otherwise wasted space—and folds away when not in use.

An island as a gathering place

Millennial kitchen island
Credit: Reviewed.com / Keith Barry

The kitchen island has spaces for storing fresh foods—in addition to a compost bin for waste.

The kitchen island might be a popular design in the U.S., but it’s just catching on in Europe. Still, young people are already sold.

This particular island concept is round, so guests and hosts can cook while they socialize. It’s also made of all-natural materials, and puts fresh foods within easy reach. When it’s time to clean up, a cutting board slides out of the way to reveal a composting bin.

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Natural kitchen island
Credit: Reviewed.com / Keith Barry

Natural materials are appealing to younger people—as is the chance to socialize while cooking. Both are priorities for this kitchen island.

The beer and pizza robot

Beer, wine, pizza robot and chair
Credit: Reviewed.com / Keith Barry

The beer, wine, and pizza robot can make a delivery to your chair.

Take out is great—but it doesn’t solve the problem of getting out of the chair to open the door.

That’s where the pizza and beer robot comes in handy. With a built-in beer tap, a wine rack, glasses, and a place for prepared food, it makes a compelling case for never leaving the house.

When it’s not in use, the robot automatically stores itself between kitchen cabinets.

Beer and wine robot
Credit: Reviewed.com / Keith Barry

The beer, wine, and pizza robot will store between cabinets when not in use.

The Kitchen of Tomorrow study was commissioned by a charitable foundation associated with a major European kitchen distributor, and involved young designers and health sciences students from universities in Wismar and Furtwangen, Germany.

While some of the designs are more fanciful than others, past concepts have actually made it into production. For example, the Electrolux ComfortLift dishwasher—which is now on sale in Europe—started as a student project.

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