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Walmart just launched a new, modern furniture collection—and it's amazing

You won't believe this stuff is from Walmart.

The 12 best pieces from Walmart’s new affordable furniture collection Credit: Walmart

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If your taste runs to modern furniture and décor from stores like West Elm, IKEA, and Target, there’s a new design destination you should check out—Walmart. Surprised? With an unexpectedly chic design line called MoDRN, Walmart now offers what it calls "elevated modern design with effortless style."

Whether your personal aesthetic is Scandinavian Minimalist, Retro Glam, or Refined Industrial, I really think Walmart has nailed it. And since it’s Walmart, you know it’s all affordable—well, relatively. You can purchase a couch for $899 or pay $35 for a 10-piece set of kitchen tools. The point is, it all looks pricier than it actually is.

You won’t see these pieces in your local Walmart store, but you can get it all online.

I've been writing about and styling homes for years, so I put my expertise to work choosing the trendiest and most inspiring pieces from this amazing new collection. Here are the 12 best pieces in Walmart's MoDRN furniture line:

1. This charming accent chair your guests will fight over

MoDRN Marni barrel accent chair
Credit: Walmart

Warning: This accent chair will be a serious hit with your guests.

Literally nobody will believe you got a chair this cute from Walmart. The barrel shape is right on trend and the five colors are scrumptious, though we like the rose tan best.

Get the MoDRN Marni Barrel Accent Chair for $349

2. A real marble coffee table for elegance beyond words

MoDRN Glam Lena Geo Base coffee table
Credit: Walmart

The MoDRN Glam Lena Geo Base coffee table is made with real marble.

So elegant and welcoming in any living room, this round marble-topped coffee table has rose gold trim. It's actually made with real marble, which is a steal for the price.

Get the MoDRN Lena Geo Base Coffee Table for $399

3. Lovely dishes to set for dinner

MoDRN Scandinavian Dinner Set
Credit: Walmart

This dining set will make your table feel more luxe and trendy than ever.

New dishes—yes, please. These come in amazing colors, and you can mix them with your plain white plates for a special dinner.

Get the MoDRN Scandinavian 12-Piece Dinnerware Set for $75

4. Velvety floor pillows to accommodate guests

MoDRN Glam Circular Floor Pillows
Credit: Walmart

These luxurious throw pillows double as floor cushions!

A soft, comfy floor pillow is ideal for when you have more guests in the room than space on the couch. This pillow is one to buy in multiples. Use it on the sofa until you need it on the floor.

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Get the MoDRN Glam Circular Mauve Floor Pillow for $34

5. A cabinet to keep any room organized

MoDRN Link Double Door cabinet
Credit: Walmart

The slate blue MoDRN Link Double Door cabinet can organize a room by storing your stuff.

This slate blue Scandinavian-inspired cabinet has two doors and an adjustable shelf to let you store (hide) lots of stuff. The cord management cutouts make it the perfect place for your electronics, too.

Get the MoDRN Scandinavian Link Double Door Cabinet for $299

6. A rug that makes any room

MoDRN Wool Area Rug
Credit: Walmart

This wool rug adds color and softness to a room.

You can beautify any space with a bordered area rug. The teal, mauve, and burgundy color combo of this area rug has a retro '80s look, and in soft wool, it should last a long time.

Get the MoDRN Glam Rectangular Border Indoor Area Rug for $159-$299

7. Counter stools that work in every kitchen

MoDRN Industrial counter stools
Credit: Walmart

The MoDRN Industrial counter stools look like leather and complement any style kitchen.

The steel construction of these stools has a minimalist vibe that will up your kitchen design game. Get a pair of these stools in black or brown and pull them up to your island. They're not made with real leather, but they sure look like it. What more do you need?

Get the MoDRN Refined Industrial Dax counter stool for $129

8. Kitchen utensils that are so Instagrammable

MoDRN Scandinavian Utensil Set
Credit: Walmart

Replace your old kitchen tools with this set of silicone and wood utensils

If your kitchen tools look tired, why not replace them with a new wood and silicone set? Your food won't taste any different, but this set is sure to boost your meal prep experience.

Get the MoDRN Scandinavian 10 Piece Silicone and Wood Kitchen Utensils

9. This stunning mirrored pitcher perfect for entertaining

MoDRN Stainless Water Pitcher
Credit: Walmart

Impress your guests with this timelessly stunning water pitcher.

The asymmetrical shape and shining finish mark this gorgeous water pitcher as a high-end boutique find, not a Walmart score. We won’t tell if you won’t.

Get the MoDRN-Industrial-Stainless-Steel-Asymmetrical-Mirrored-Water-Pitcher for $40

10. Pendant lighting for over the kitchen island

Scandinavian Wide Pendant Lights
Credit: Walmart

Scandinavian Wide Pendant Lights would look great hanging over the kitchen island.

Minimalist yet perfect, these black (or white) wide pendants are like task lights for mealtime. The latest way to use pendant lights like these is to hang only two of them over the island. You can still use three if you have room.

Get the MoDRN Scandinavian Wide Pendant Light for $59

11. A kitchen table to make casual meals feel fancier

Walmart's MoDRN Scandinavian Kipper table
Credit: Walmart

This adorable dining table is clean and simple but still draws the eye.

You don't need an elaborate kitchen table, but it would be nice to have one with clean lines and mid-century style. Did you know that a round table takes up less space than a rectangular one and can fit more people around it?

Get the MoDRN Scandinavian Kipper Round Dining Table for $379

12. A ladder bookshelf for a storage solution that will 'spark joy'

MoDRN Finna ladder bookshelves
Credit: Walmart

The MoDRN Finna ladder bookshelves hold a lot, but are visually light.

Marie Kondo says you should only have 30 books. But you have our permission to keep as many as you like, as long as you have a good place to put them. Ladder bookcases are especially practical because they provide lots of room and take up very little visual space. These look great on either side of a fireplace.

Get the MoDRN Scandinavian Finna Ladder Bookcase for $279

Prices are accurate at the time this article was published, but may change over time.

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