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The 15 best places to buy curtains online

Time for a curtain call? This guide can help

A living room decorated with blue curtains, sofa, coffee table, sun decor, and more. Credit: Onzeg/Getty Images

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It doesn't matter what your home décor style is, because curtains are one of those design elements that can make virtually any aesthetic look better. Yet, all too often, curtains aren't considered a necessity. In fact, for many folks, they're more or less an afterthought. Factor in the high price tag of many curtains and it's no wonder why most people are inclined to skip out on purchasing them.

Fortunately, the best places to buy curtains online offer plenty of cute and affordable picks that can help make a room feel cozier, especially if you're searching for the best blackout curtains to reduce sun glares in and around your home. A quality set may also make your heating bill less gasp-inducing and improve privacy, as noisy neighbors are less likely to get a peep at what's going on inside your pad.

So, whether you're shopping for thermal curtains or just trying to find a retailer that can help you pick out the best fabric for curtains, this roundup covers all the best sites online to start your search and bring yourself one step closer to the interior design of your dreams.

1. Wayfair

Credit: Wayfair

Wayfair is your one-stop-shop for pretty much anything home related.

Our favorite: Recio Room Darkening Thermal Rod Pocket Curtain Panels, Set of 2—from $71.59
Prices: 💰💰💰
Return/Exchange Policies: 30 days, excluding select items

When it comes to home goods, you can't do much better than Wayfair. The online retail giant carries thousands of highly rated curtains, from blackout curtains to kitchen valences, and more. Wayfair sells curtains in nearly every style and color, meaning you can find a perfect pair to match your own home style.

Shop the best curtains at Wayfair

2. Anthropologie

Credit: Anthropologie

Anthropologie's eclectic vibe is great when you're eager to add a retro vibe to your pad.

Our favorite:Velvet Louise Curtain—from $58
Prices: 💰💰💰💰
Return/Exchange Policies: 60 days

Anthropologie is well-known as a clothing store, but it's also a great place to shop for home décor, especially curtains. Being Anthropologie, you already know that its curtains fit a certain aesthetic—boho and shabby-chic lovers to the front, please—but if that's your style and you're willing to pay a little extra, you can get some stylish curtains that'll really make a statement in your home.

Shop the best curtains from Anthropologie

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3. Society6

Society6 curtains
Credit: Society6

You can get wild with this one.

Our favorite: Golden Sun Pattern Blackout Curtain—from $79.19
Prices: 💰💰💰💰
Return/Exchange Policies: 60 days

If you're shopping for the best blackout curtains, Society6 is a great retailer to consider. It’s like Etsy, but it does all the manufacturing for the artists, so artists really just have to make the design and then Society6 applies it to different media. When it comes to blackout curtains, you can shop from an assortment of creatively designed panels, so whether you're into geometric patterns like soft blue hexagons or you're obsessed with finding the perfect fruity set to make your kitchen feel even more vibrant, Society6 has a little something creative for everyone.

Shop the best curtains from Society6

4. Home Depot

Home Depot curtains
Credit: Home Depot

Your curtains can be as simple as this.

Our favorite: Eclipse Fret Grey Blackout Panel—$16.98
Prices: 💰💰
Return/Exchange Policies: 90 days for purchases made after March 15, 2021; 180 days for purchases prior to March 15, 2021; one year for purchases made with a Home Depot personal or commercial credit card

You can buy more than lumber and gardening supplies at Home Depot. This home improvement retailer might have made a name for itself as the place where pros go to get supplies for the renovations, new projects, and more, but we're going to let you in a little secret: It's actually a great spot for the best curtain rods and curtains, too. There are thousands of options to choose from on Home Depot’s website, so you could definitely find something to your taste. Another advantage to shopping at the big orange retailer is that most of their curtains are very affordably priced compared to retailers like Anthropologie, and with the range of choices available, you could easily find a set to match the rest of your décor.

Shop the best curtains from Home Depot

5. Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn
Credit: Pottery Barn

Elegance is the name of the game at Pottery Barn.

Our favorite: Peace & Quiet Noise-Reducing Blackout Curtain—from $99
Prices: 💰💰💰💰
Return/Exchange Policies: 7 days for Quick Ship upholstery items; 30 days for all other merchandise

Unsure what the best fabric for curtains is? At Pottery Barn, you can shop for everything from flax linen to velvet twill, sheer lace, and other options, which makes it one of the best retailers to head to when you're searching for variety. Another advantage to hitting up Pottery Barn is that you can find a lot of the best noise-reducing curtains, too (like our favorite pick), and because the curtains are so understated, they won't overwhelm in a room the way that perhaps some heavily patterned curtains might. If you love minimalism and really need a new set of curtains, these could be a winner.

Shop the best curtains from Pottery Barn

6. Bed Bath & Beyond

Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

Let the sunshine in—or keep it out—with curtains from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Our favorite: Design Solutions Caleb Grommet Light-Filtering Curtain Panel—from $24.99
Prices: 💰💰
Return/Exchange Policies: 90 days

Curtains are the rare thing that applies to all three parts of Bed Bath & Beyond’s name. After all, every window needs a curtain. Bed Bath & Beyond’s website makes things a little easier than most other places by having separate categories for kitchen or bath curtains, door curtains, and standard panel curtains. Not only that, but you can shop for scarves and valances as well, in case you want to gussy up windows up even more.

Shop the best curtains from Bed Bath & Beyond

7. Urban Outfitters

Credit: Urban Outfitters

That '70s shabby-chic aesthetic never looked so alluring.

Our favorite: Big Dot Bamboo Beaded Curtain—$59
Prices: 💰💰💰
Return/Exchange Policies: 30 days

Although Urban Outfitters is mostly known as a mecca for Gen Z-friendly fashion, this trendy retailer actually offers a ton of home goods, which could be great for shoppers looking to add a retro-style aesthetic to their pads. The curtains in particular run the gamut: You can get airy, light-filtering options that'll help add a burst of warmth to any space, but you can also shop for a wonderful assortment of beaded curtains. While not ideal for reducing noise or cutting down on heating costs, beaded curtains conjure up a shabby-chic look that feels straight out of the 70s, in a good way. No other retailer offers as many adorable ones as UO, which makes it one of the best places to start—and end—your search for them.

Shop the best curtains from Urban Outfitters

8. Etsy

Etsy curtains
Credit: Etsy/BlueMarbleHomeLiving

Etsy’s only limitation is your imagination.

Our favorite: Jaipur Collecitive White Gold Mandala Window Curtains—$39.99
Prices: 💰💰
Return/Exchange Policies: Varies by shop

If Society6 is where you could find any niche design you’d want, Etsy is where you’d go if you wanted to truly look at every curtain design on the planet. There are thousands of options on Etsy’s curtain page, and while it’s a lot to take in, the best approach for shopping on Etsy is to have at least some idea of what you want so you can search for that rather than clicking through endless pages of curtains. To narrow down the field think of a color, a pattern, a trend, or a general look that you want your curtains to have.

Shop the best curtains from Etsy

9. West Elm

West Elm Curtains
Credit: West Elm

Curtains that are far from a nightmare on Elm Street.

Our favorite: Textured Clipped Jacquard Curtain, Belgian Flax—from $70
Prices: 💰💰💰💰
Return/Exchange Policies: 30 days

West Elm’s curtain selection is vast and ideal for the interior design lover who wants to bring an elegant touch to their living space. As far as shopping the site online, West Elm makes things moderately simple by having shoppers choose whether they want to look at solid color or patterned curtains. From plush velvet to Belgian flax, the curtain fabrics available on the site also offer a plethora of options, and you can segment by color palettes and patterns, to find the best fit for your abode.

Shop the best curtains from West Elm

10. QVC

Credit: QVC

QVC's is full of great products you probably didn't know about, like curtains.

Our favorite: Neela Birds Room-Darkening Window Panels, Set of 2—$69.99
Prices: 💰💰💰
Return/Exchange Policies: 30 days

You can shop a lot of big-name brands at QVC, but something you might not know is that this iconic home shopping network also offers some of the best room-darkening curtains, which can be clutch if you're trying to add more privacy to your home. While some sets go for more money, a lot of QVC's curtains are affordably priced at between $40 to $60, so it means you're less likely to break the bank shopping there, too.

Shop the best curtains from QVC

11. Crate & Barrel

Credit: Crate & Barrel

Complete your interior design with curtains from Crate & Barrel.

Our favorite: Linen Sheer Natural Curtains—from $79.95
Prices: 💰💰💰
Return/Exchange Policies: 90 days, except for rugs and furniture

It’d be funny if Crate & Barrel was like the Container Store and only sold crates and barrels. But instead it sells all manner of home décor and curtains, so it suits our purposes here. As with all of Crate & Barrel’s catalogue, the design of the curtains are very euro-chic. Think of bright whites or geometric patterns and you’ll have a good idea of what’s available.

Shop the best curtains from Crate & Barrel

12. Overstock

Credit: Overstock

From contemporary to farmhouse and more, Overstock's curtains suit a range of styles.

Our favorite: Exclusive Fabrics Mecca Printed Cotton Single Curtain Panel—from $50.47
Prices: 💰💰
Return/Exchange Policies: 30 days

One of the biggest advantages to shopping at Overstock for curtains is that you can segment your search based on light filtration, so you can choose from blackout to room-darkening curtains (they are, in fact, different), to semi-sheer picks, and more. You can also browse an assortment of styles, based on your aesthetic. Overstock offers bohemian, farmhouse, contemporary, and other patterns, and you can typically find deals on top-rated selections, with some curtains going for even less than $15, which is incredible for anyone on a tight budget.

Shop the best curtains from Overstock

13. Walmart

Walmart curtains
Credit: Walmart

A website with curtains for everyone.

Our favorite: Eclipse Samara Solid Color Blackout Rod Pocket Single Curtain Panel—from $9.99
Prices: 💰
Return/Exchange Policies: 90 days

If you're on a budget, Walmart can be a solid choice for curtains. If you shop the retailer's house brand, Mainstays, you can snag basic yet functional sets that would work well for off-campus apartments, dorms, and other spaces. Another great advantage to hitting up Walmart is that they have a good selection for kids' rooms and nurseries. If, for example, you're searching for the best blackout curtains for nurseries, you'll have a multitude of options that won't break the bank.

Shop the best curtains from Walmart

14. Kohl’s

Kohl's curtains
Credit: Kohl's

You can buy curtains with Kohl’s hard cash.

Our favorite: Sun Zero Extreme Norway Blackout Window Curtains, Pack of 2—from $69.99
Prices: 💰💰
Return/Exchange Policies: 180 days

Being a department store, Kohl’s has tons of different curtain brands to choose from, and like Walmart, these offerings are cost-effective, especially if you shop during a sale (of which, Kohl's has many). You can choose from sheer to light-filtering curtains if you'd like a set that feels airy and will let a bit of sunshine into a room. If privacy is what you're after (or you're looking for a set that'll help keep heat inside your home, and thus reduce heating costs), then blackout or room darkening curtains from Kohl's could be great. While the designs are pretty basic, you get a lot of bang for your buck at this retailer.

Shop the best curtains from Kohl’s

15. Joss & Main

Joss & Main curtains
Credit: Joss & Main

It’s a store, not an intersection.

Our favorite: Scarsdale Solid Blackout Thermal Curtain Panel—from $23
Prices: 💰💰
Return/Exchange Policies: 30 days

The main benefit of shopping on Joss & Main’s website is that each style of curtain comes in a variety of colors, making it easy to find the exact design you want. You don’t want to compromise on curtains because you’ll have to look at them for so long, so you could (and should) spend hours looking through Joss & Main’s options.

Shop the best curtains from Joss & Main

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