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Beyonce's stylist is launching a line at Ikea—here's everything you'll want to buy

Dress your place with goth and glamour

Credit: Ikea

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Until now, we've always thought of Ikea as practical—but not glamorous. That’s about to change as Bea Akerlund, stylist for the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Madonna, is launching a new collection with the Swedish retailer.

Called Omedelbar (translation: Immediate), the accessories in this line will make your room look like it's ready for the red carpet. Sure, they're insanely over the top—that's what makes them so much fun. And the good news is, most Ikea stores will be carrying them soon. Ikea hasn't announced a launch date yet, but the collection will drop later this month.

Here are some of our favorites:

1. These red lip cushions

Credit: Ikea

Bea wears red lipstick all the time, even to sleep. If you prefer to wipe yours off at night, you will still feel like a star when you take these lipstick pillows to bed with you.
Lip-shaped cushions, $9.99—$12.99

2. A crown fit for Queen Bey

Credit: Ikea

It’s tall and golden, but don’t put this crown on your head. Instead, buy a few, and keep them on your dresser, filled with sparkly necklaces. Or snacks. Hey, you do you.
Crown bowl, $19.99

3. This glam clothes rack and these curvy hangers

Credit: Target

Make workday mornings more fun by styling your outfits the night before. It’s easy to do when all your stuff is always visible on this golden rack. And the sexy, curved hangers keep your clothes looking their best. If anything can make you hang up your clothes, these will.
Clothes rack, $129
Curved clothes hangers, $7.99 for 2-pack

4. Hands to hold your accessories

Credit: Ikea

Give Bea a big hand—these hands may be the ideal wall décor to showcase your rings and bracelets when you’re not wearing them. Ikea produced these lacy “gloves” on a 3D printer, the first products they’ve made that way. This is a a cool combination of technology and style.
Hand wall decorations, $29.99 for 2-pack

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5. A giant letter B

Credit: Ikea

B is for Bea and Beyonce. This LED B is also about embracing your own personality, as in “B. WHO YOU ARE,” Ackerlund's personal motto. It’s also a bright, creative light fixture.
LED multi-use lighting, $19.99

6. A golden timepiece

Credit: Ikea

Who says a watch has to be small enough to fit on your wrist? This big, bling-y clock is enormous, so you'll never lose track of the time.
Wall clock, $29.99

7. The top-hat vase and lipstick glasses

Credit: Ikea

There’s something very Jack Skellington or Mad Hatter about this top-hat. You don’t wear it—you fill it with roses, and give it a place of honor as the centerpiece for your next dinner party. And make sure you set these party glasses on the table, too. Don't worry—the lipstick stains are permanent.
Top-hat vase, $24.99
Glasses with lipstick, $3.99 for 2-pack

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