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10 gorgeous glamping tents to upgrade outdoor adventures

So. Much. Space.

Two Glamping Bell Tents Credit: Boutique Camping / Free Space

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So, you want to go camping, but do you want to deal with cramped quarters, low-profile tent doors, and potentially leaky roofs? Not likely. Thankfully, there are so many tents on the market these days that you won’t have to worry about those concerns and make you feel more at home in the Great Outdoors. They’re called glamping tents, and they’re making time in the woods feel a little more luxurious.

What’s different about a glamping tent, you might ask? While it’s not a technical term, in our book, a glamping tent is one with plenty of room and a stylish look to them that’s way more appealing than pitching a regular tent. Think of it as glamorous camping (hence the name). To help you get started on your fabulous camping experience, we rounded up 10 highly-rated glamping tents that are calling our names for summer 2021.

1. A cream-colored bell tent

Free Space Bell Tent
Credit: Free Space

It’s waterproof!

Looking for a classic glamping tent? This one, which is sold in 4- and 5-meter diameters, is made with a cotton canvas that is both breathable and naturally waterproof. While its canvas design naturally repels water, the brand says that adding a water-resistant treatment can help further extend its durability from water and UV rays. The tent itself might look awfully open and breezy, but it comes with a zip-in floor, mosquito net door, and outermost canvas door that keeps bugs and the elements out.

Get the Free Space Outdoor Waterproof Luxury Glamping Bell Tent from Amazon for $479

2. A bell tent with panoramic views

Star Canvas Tent
Credit: Boutique Camping

It’s completely lined with see-through netting.

Sold in 4-, 5-, and 6-meter options, this canvas bell tent thinks beyond keeping the interior dry and covered. It features a front overhang so you’ll have a covered area outside of your tent to put on and take off shoes or to provide extra rain protection if you want to keep the door open. The tent is also lined with 360-degree netting, so even with the web cover on to protect from bugs, you’ll still be able to enjoy panoramic views from inside your tent.

Get the Star Canvas Bell Tent from Boutique Camping for $849

3. A super roomy weatherproof tent

Coleman Tent
Credit: Coleman

Leave it to Coleman!

This tent might not be the stereotypical chic glamping tent, but don’t overlook it. Beloved by thousands of Amazon shoppers, this weatherproof Coleman tent is long enough to fit three queen-size air mattresses, along with plenty of glamping accessories. It stands just over 6 feet tall and comes with a hinged door, so you won’t have to duck down to get into this top-rated tent.

Get the Coleman Montana Tent from Amazon for $162.34

4. An all-weather bell tent

Dream House Tent
Credit: Dream House

You can use it any time of year.

Yes, another tent. This best-selling one from Amazon is available in 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-meter options, so you can easily shop based on how many people you think will be glamping with you. The waterproof canvas tent is held up with poles and ropes and is designed to withstand all weather—whether it’s summer, fall, winter, or spring.

Get the Dream House Outdoor Waterproof Cotton Canvas Family Camping Bell Tent from Amazon for $389

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5. A glamping outdoor bed tent

e-Joy Bed Tent
Credit: Wayfair

It’s perfect for backyard movie nights!

Hoping for something more along the lines of a glampy backyard set-up for your kids? This covered tent bed is a great choice. It will let your little ones bask in the fun of glamping (which is pretty much outdoor lounging) without fully committing to sleeping outside. Though, they totally could, so long as they don’t mind being exposed to the elements. Sold in pink and light blue, the tent measures 4 feet by 5 feet and has one full wall—the other three sides are exposed.

Get the e-Joy Warm Cozy Privacy 4' x 5' Indoor/Outdoor Polyester Tent Bed from Wayfair for $64.99

6. A waterproof dome camping tent

Vidalido Tent
Credit: Vidalido

The awning does it for us.

When we read the word “dome” we don’t necessarily think of something with a point at the top, but this 8 feet tall tent is beloved by Amazon shoppers for a reason. In addition to having height, the dome comes with a sizable pullout awning that provides enough shade that is the glamping equivalent of a covered porch for a few people. If you don’t want coverage, you can remove the outermost layer of the tent and enjoy a fully mesh-enclosed sleep space that’s shielded from bugs but not the stars.

Get the Vidalido Dome Camping Tent from Amazon for $165.95

7. A large 9-person tent

Core Equipment 9-Person Tent
Credit: Wayfair

It’s like a cabin but in easily transportable tent form.

Prefer the look of a traditional camping tent but want enough space to do all your favorite glamping activities? This one will fit your fancy. The very best part about this tent is that it comes pre-assembled with the poles, so you simply pull it out of its bag and pop it right up for use. Easy-peasy. It’s also worth mentioning that it’s tested up to 40 mph winds, so it’s quite sturdy.

Get the Core Equipment 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent from Wayfair for $269.99

8. A fan-favorite Kodiak Canvas tent

Kodiak Canvas Tent
Credit: Kodiak Canvas

My parents adore theirs!

My parents bought this tent for their camping adventures and recently took it for a five-night stay along the beaches of the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Even in high winds and torrential downpour, their tent held its ground and didn’t soak through. One of the main highlights of the Kodiak tent is its tall silhouette, which allows you to easily walk into and out of the tent without crouching. As for spaciousness, 10 square feet is ideal for two people, but it could probably sleep up to four. That said, if you’re hoping to bring in pop-up cots and all the glamping works, it’s best to keep it to two or size up to accommodate more people.

Get the Kodiak Canvas 10 x 10 ft. Flex-Bow Canvas Tent Deluxe from Sportsman’s Warehouse for $569.99

9. A massive cabin tent

Core Equipment 12-Person Tent
Credit: Wayfair

The more room, the merrier.

Hoping to house a ton of people? This 12-person tent from Core Equipment is well-reviewed and will do just that. Like any tent, just because it can sleep up to the number listed on the label doesn’t mean that it will be comfortable to do so. And, since glamping is all about peak comfort even in the outdoors, it’s worth considering that this tent is likely best for four to six people if you’re hoping for lots of room for activities.

Get the Core Equipment Instant Cabin 12 Person Tent from Wayfair for $329.99

10. A tent large enough for 16 people

Ozark Tent
Credit: Walmart

It has three rooms!

When you think of camping (and even glamping), you likely imagine a weekend full of little privacy and rather cramped living—especially if you’re camping with a bunch of people. That’s not the case with this incredible 16-person tent, though. Complete with three separate rooms, it’s the ultimate weatherproof tent for people traveling together who still want to maintain some privacy (like parents hoping to step away from their kids on vacation).

Get the Ozark Trail 16-Person 3-Room Family Cabin Tent, with 3 Entrances from Walmart for $279

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