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Khloe Kardashian has an awesome bar setup—here's how you can copy it

Tips and tricks for Kardashian-level entertaining

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Khloe Kardashian is on top of her game. From a successfully launched body-positive denim company to an enviable physique, this reality TV star and businesswoman has got it going on.

It's been just over a year since the launch of Khloe's lifestyle app "Khloe with a K," and already Kardashian has shared an ample amount of exclusive content, giving fans a deeper look into her world. If you're not a subscriber, here’s the scoop: Kardashian’s web videos cover everything from gym workouts to fashion tips—with tidbits about her famous family sprinkled in between.

Her KHLO-C-D series is especially worth checking out, as it highlights Kardashian’s not inconsiderable organizational skills. If you haven’t checked out the online series, let me tell you—this lady is seriously detail-oriented. From label makers to storage bins, there’s little room for confusion or congestion in Kardashian’s house.

In one of her most recent clips, Khloe walked her loyal fan base through the most important area of the star’s mansion: her home bar. With bottles perfectly placed and a shot tray pre-set, a party can pretty much happen at the drop of a hat. Here’s a glance at how to mimic Khloe Kardashian's impeccably ordered bar set up.

1. Have a little something for everybody.

You don't have to shell out for every item Kardashian keeps on hand for entertaining, but it's always good to have options lined up for potential guests. Select your core cocktail choices and follow her rule of organizing the bottles by shape and color, working your way from lighter to darker libations on the bar top. This styling tip can still work in smaller spaces, replicating a pared-down version of the star’s lavish selection.

Start your personal display by picking up stem wear and a whiskey decanter.

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2. Break out the label maker!

Kardashian keeps her alcohol organized. Within her sleek, dedicated wine fridge are rows and rows of specialty bottles. These are organized by color, then variety and finally, labeled by name.

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Don’t have a surplus of wine stored away in your home? That’s ok. Just make sure to group your supply by color. This will make the search for your favorite flavors that much simpler.

3. No running back and forth to the kitchen.

If your bar setup happens to be situated far from your kitchen area, duplicate necessities such as wine openers, cocktail napkins, ashtrays, and even snacks. Kardashian keeps a set of mixed nuts on her bar top at all times for a theme-driven feel, while also boasting a conveniently located drawer of essential utensils.

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4. Keep red wine in a decanter and be prepared for anything.

Khloe is always ready for a party and goes so far as to have a shot tray pre-set. While this may not be necessary for you, be equipped for any entertaining scenarios that might come your way. Make sure you have all kinds of glassware, bar tools, and mixers on hand. While you don’t need to go out and purchase a high-powered margarita machine, make sure you at least have a shaker ready. And for a classy touch, follow Kardashian’s lead and keep red wine on display in a decanter. It’s a welcoming gesture that adds a level of sophistication to your bar.

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While we may not all be Kardashian super-fans or live in Khloe's lavish digs, these tips and tricks encourage an organized, aesthetically pleasing home. In my opinion, that’s definitely something to celebrate.

Here’s to KHLO-C-D, and to mimicking the lifestyles of the rich and famous!

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