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20 of the most popular things you can buy at West Elm

So many pretty decor items!

Left: Arched Floor Mirror; Middle: Stem Floor Lamp; Right: Brass Barware Credit: West Elm

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Whether you’re looking to outfit your first home with high-end staples that will last for years to come or are willing to spend extra cash on well-made decor to add an elevated style to your otherwise budget-friendly home, West Elm is a great place to shop. Founded in San Francisco in 2002, the home furnishings company is renowned for its sustainably sourced furniture, kitchenware, bedding, and general home decor. While undeniably a splurge for some, West Elm considers itself to be a more approachable home furnishings company with modern pieces that fit a variety of styles.

Though many of West Elm’s best-selling products are priced at higher points, shoppers can trust the quality and longevity of each item, which makes them worth it. Below you’ll find 20 of the most popular things you can buy at West Elm. From gorgeous mirrors and versatile outdoor furniture to mid-century modern silhouettes and eye-catching barware, these items are sure to stand out in your home.

1. A minimalist floor mirror

West Elm Floor Mirror
Credit: West Elm

It’s the perfect size.

Tired of the flimsy 5-foot mirror that you’ve carried with you since college? Do yourself a favor and upgrade to this metal-framed beauty. The 6-foot mirror is meant to lean against a wall, though it can be secured, as well. Thanks to its thin frame (which is available in a variety of metal finishes), it’s minimalist but classic, giving your space an undeniably chic accent. As someone who has this mirror standing in her bedroom, I can assure you that it’s a purchase you will be glad you made. After all, a truly high-quality, well-designed mirror is the perfect backdrop for your outfit of the day pictures.

Get the Metal Frame 72" Floor Mirror from West Elm for $449

2. A decorative floor lamp

West Elm Sphere & Stem Lamp
Credit: West Elm

It will earn you so many compliments.

Another West Elm goodie I’m forever glad to have standing in my home? This gorgeous spherical floor lamp. Standing just over 5-feet-tall, I’ll admit that it doesn’t have as much height as I thought it would, but when positioned behind a leather chair (as mine is) or next to a sofa or entertainment console (as so many influencers opt for), it still looks great. If you’re worried about it tipping over, know that the marble base is solid and stable.

One thing to note is that it’s very important to follow the directions when assembling, otherwise the brass stem could start to unravel on its own. This happened to me when I first put it together (sans instructions) and I nearly had a heart attack thinking it was going to crash to the ground. Thankfully, following the instructions solved the issue. You can also find this style as a trendy table lamp.

Get the Sphere & Stem 2-Light Floor Lamp from West Elm for $299

3. A gorgeous glass and brass nightstand

West Elm Terrace Night Stand
Credit: West Elm

You can use it as a side table, too!

I had been eyeing these Terrance nightstands since the moment I signed my first solo lease and dreamed about how I would decorate my home. In addition to being simple and stunning, they’re the perfect height to pair with most sofas. They’re made with a brass frame, glass panels, and a mirrored bottom shelf, all of which are cushioned with rubber bumpers to prevent any clinking. Plus, each shelf can hold between 20 and 25 pounds, according to a store employee when I asked, so there’s plenty of leeway for styling.

Get the Terrace Nightstand from West Elm for $299

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4. A chic fur pillow cover (or two)

West Elm Mongolian Fur Pillow
Credit: West Elm

They’re a design staple!

These Mongolian lamb pillow covers, which are sold in eight colors and four sizes, are regularly seen in photo shoots of celebrity homes and magazine spreads. Now, they’re also a staple in my own living room. The incredibly soft covers feature fur on one side and a canvas-like material on the back. They can be zipped on and off and dry cleaned if you accidentally spill on them. I will say, one thing to keep in mind is that they can shed—especially if you have a puppy who’s obsessed with rolling into them.

Get the Mongolian Lamb Pillow Covers from West Elm for $79.50

5. A mid-century modern leather chair

West Elm MCM Chair
Credit: West Elm

It’s cozy and minimalist.

How pretty is this simple leather chair? Where the textile lends to a more scholarly vibe, the frame offers a more laid-back, Californian appeal. If you love the look but aren’t into the chestnut brown leather, know that it comes in seven other colors, as well. Additionally, you can choose between two leg color options and a single chair or a set.

Get the Mid-Century Leather Show Wood Chair from West Elm for $799

6. A cozy cotton throw

West Elm Cotton Throw
Credit: West Elm

You’ll want to snuggle up in it all day long.

Is there anything better than cuddling up with a cozy blanket and lounging the day away? Instead of opting for any old afghan, consider adding this cozy cotton knit throw to your collection. Sold in nine colors and two sizes, you’re sure to find an option that fits your fancy. Even better, you can throw it in the wash using the gentle setting without fear.

Get the Cotton Knit Throws from West Elm for $80-$130

7. A mirrored serving tray

West Elm Fishs Eddy Tray
Credit: West Elm

It looks fab on bar carts and coffee tables.

While a serving tray may not seem like the most necessary piece of decor, it can create a textural difference for displaying things on your coffee table or bar cart while also serving as a larger coaster to protect your surfaces from any potential rings. That’s why it’s often seen in magazine spreads and influencer Instagram grids. After seeing this one more times than I can count, I bought myself one and have it situated on my bar console. The mirrored tray adds depth to my bar setup while adding a chic brass style element. In short, I am in love.

Get the Fishs Eddy Gilded Cafe Mirror Tray from West Elm for $79

8. A stylish planter

West Elm Planter
Credit: West Elm

Because your plant babies deserve the best.

Because of the pandemic, there are more plant parents than ever before. After all, folks finally have had time to focus on feeding and nurturing their plant babies. If you’re looking for ways to further pamper your plants, look no further than these head-turning planters, which are available in four colors and two sizes. They’ll elevate your plant (both literally and figuratively) and protect your floors from any water run-off.

Get the Mid-Century Turned Wood Leg Planter from West Elm for $180

9. A gorgeous media console

West Elm Media Console
Credit: West Elm

Because who said entertainment had to be unsightly.

It’s natural to want to upgrade the appearance of your media setup as you get older. Exposed wires are so college anyway. Thankfully, this well-organized, visually stunning media console is here to help. Measuring 80-inches-long, the console, which is situated atop brass legs, has two main compartments, each of which has two shelves. What’s more, there are cutouts in the back to easily pull in wires, so your media center will look anything but a mess.

Get the Quinn Media Console from West Elm for $1,499

10. An arched floor mirror

West Elm Arched Floor Mirror
Credit: West Elm

The arched top gives it a whimsical feel.

Love the idea of an elevated floor mirror but want to go beyond the basic rectangle? This arched mirror will do the trick. It features West Elm’s classic metal frame and stands over 6-feet-tall. Needless to say, you’ll want to feature it in all your mirror selfies.

Get the Metal Frame 74" Arched Floor Mirror from West Elm for $499

11. A lush velvet pillow cover (or a few)

West Elm Velvet Pillow Covers
Credit: West Elm

They’re so soft!

Getting new pillow covers is much easier than replacing your current ones—and cheaper altogether. West Elm’s best-selling velvet pillow covers are a great option. Available in 11 colors (including a truly stunning teal hue) and seven sizes, you’re bound to find a fit for your space. Just keep in mind that these are dry cleaning only.

Get the Lush Velvet Pillow Covers from West Elm for $30

12. A cozy swivel chair

West Elm Cozy Swivel Chair
Credit: West Elm

You’ll want to spin and spin in this comfy chair.

Swivel lounge chairs are having a major moment in 2021. This West Elm one, which is sold in more than 30 colors, has a retro vibe that’s earned it endless accolades from shoppers. Featuring a 360-degree swivel, the chair is great for open spaces where you want your guests to be able to alternate between one space and another without having to get up.

Get the Cozy Swivel Chair from West Elm for $799

13. A coffee table with modern vibes

West Elm MCM Coffee Table
Credit: West Elm

Show off your coffee table books beneath the glass top.

A well-styled coffee table can make all the difference in a living room. This one has a wooden bottom shelf, glass surface, and brass fixtures, giving it a modest-yet-modern appeal. Of course, if you’re not into wooden accents, you can also choose between white lacquer and marble. It’s also available in a circle silhouette. The point is, if you like the vibe, there’s a shape and finish to suit your fancy.

Get the Mid-Century Art Display Living Room Collection Coffee Table from West Elm for $279

14. A unique bar console

West Elm Tiered Console
Credit: West Elm

Everyone who visits will ask where you got it.

Here we have my beloved bar console. Every time someone new comes over, they admire it and ask where I got it. The top shelf is wood and the middle and bottom shelves are a white lacquer, with brass hardware to hold it all together. It’s truly picture-perfect. I like to use the circle shelf to display all my liquor, while the bottom shelf contains mixers, wine, and champagne, and the top has an assortment of bar accessories and artwork. Basically, it offers plenty of room to show off your unique style. One thing that I find less than stellar is that all of the surfaces need to be kept dry, which can be tricky if you’re planning to use your bar console as a mix station, too.

Get the Tiered Bar Console from West Elm for $399

15. A reversible outdoor sectional sofa

West Elm Reversible Outdoor Sectional
Credit: West Elm

Turn your backyard into the ultimate lounge space.

Trying to make the most of your backyard? This reversible sectional is a great option. Unlike many sectional sofas, the lounge section of this one can be swapped from side to side so that it can accommodate your current space, as well as if you moved in the future. Just keep in mind that the cushions are water-resistant, not waterproof, so you’ll want to bring them inside if a storm is coming.

Get the Playa Outdoor Reversible Sectional from West Elm for $1,499

16. A set of nesting side tables

West Elm Nesting Side Tables
Credit: West Elm

Keep them stacked or pull them apart for extra space.

These nesting side tables are stylish and useful. They can be nested to serve as a single side table, used separately as individual side tables, or pulled slightly apart for a pretty, tiered look, which is especially great when serving charcuterie and drinks. The tallest table stands just over 3 feet, so just make sure to measure the height of your couch or chair to ensure it’ll be a good fit.

Get the Marble Round Nesting Side Table (Set of 2) from West Elm for $399

17. A gorgeous barware set

West Elm Chelsea Barware
Credit: West Elm

Your cocktail set-up will look so chic!

Stylized bar carts are a staple in many homes these days. If you’re looking to upgrade your own—or create one altogether—West Elm’s chic brass barware set is a great idea. While the pieces are sold individually, they’re designed to go together. The collection includes a cocktail shaker, ice bucket, tray, angled jigger, wine cooler, and tongs, so pick and choose at your leisure.

Get the Chelsea Barware from West Elm starting at$14.50

18. A coffee table with hidden storage

West Elm Storage Coffee Table
Credit: West Elm

Use it to create the ultimate game table.

If you’re not looking for a coffee table with shelves, you’ll likely enjoy the utility of this stylish round table, which is sold in two colors. What looks like a simple drum design, is actually a hollow storage table. The interior can hold anything from blankets to games, making it a great option for homes short on space and storage.

Get the Drum Storage Coffee Table from West Elm for $599

19. A high-end leather recliner

West Elm Leather Recliner
Credit: West Elm

This is not your uncle’s beat-up recliner.

When the word recliner comes to mind, you likely envision an overstuffed, microsuede chair that’s prone to staining and looks anything but stylish. Of course, that’s the recliner of yesteryear. Nowadays, West Elm is offering the same classic kick-backed comfort of a recliner in elevated leather textiles that prove you do, in fact, know something about stylish home design.

Get the Spencer Wood-Framed Leather Recliner from West Elm for $1,399

20. A round mirror

West Elm Circle Mirror
Credit: West Elm

Wherever you place it, it will add depth and style to your space.

Last but not least, we have a cult-favorite round mirror that looks just as lovely above an entry table as it does over a couch or bathroom sink. The mirror, which is sold in four metal finishes, is accented by West Elm’s beloved slim metal frame and offers a mid-century modern design that will hold up over the years.

Get the Metal Frame 30" Round Mirror from West Elm for $249

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