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Pinterest says these 10 trends will be in EVERY home in 2017

Here's how you'll be decorating your home next year.

Credit: Pinterest / Oh Joy!

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When the ball drops in Times Square to indicate the dawn of 2017, we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief that we made it through a truly terrible year. Still, 2016 will linger on our skin, in our homes, and in our political conversations. How will we ever clear away all that bad energy?

Sure, take a shower, but your home could use some love, too! Luckily Pinterest comes to the rescue, with a list of 100 top emerging trends it expects to take off in 2017—including 10 fresh home trends. So go on, do a little redecorating, get 2016 out of your living room. Pinterest will help.

Here’s what the site thinks 2017 will look like in your home:

Farmhouse style

Billed by Pinterest as “the new shabby chic,” farmhouse style is gaining popularity. Think rustic wood, weathered white paint, and simple woven fabrics.

Reclaimed wood fireplace

Is your fireplace surrounded by tiles or brick? Try reclaimed wood instead for a charming, country feel.

DIY modern nightstand

Ready to 2017-ify your bedroom? Get started by building this plain, clean wooden nightstand.

Heated floors

Radiators and uneven heat are soooo 2016. Heated floors are the new way to stay warm.

Copper accents

“Copper is the new gold,” claims Pinterest. It’s a little less glam, but very understated-chic—and it was up 90% on Pinterest in 2016.

Acrylic accents

So you’re not about that rustic farmhouse styling. That’s okay! Maybe you’d like to add some acrylic pieces to your home for a little extra sass?


The Danish concept of “hygge” has to do with coziness and taking pleasure in soothing, comfortable things. The term is taking off worldwide—it was up 285% this year on Pinterest—and we’re not terribly surprised. Go on, add some warmth to your home decor.

Faux luxe wallpaper

A little simulated texture goes a long way toward making your walls seem fancy af. Think wallpaper that looks like cracked marble.

Indoor vines

Everyone loves indoor vines, apparently. Who knew?! Pinterest says saves for indoor vines have gone up 260% since September—and, like, actual vines, they just keep growing.

Step aside, orange—you’re not the new black anymore. At least not for home decor. That title belongs to good ol’ navy, which is up 80% this year on Pinterest.

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