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The 10 most popular 2018 planners on Amazon

Who says scheduling has to be boring?

The 10 most popular 2018 planners on Amazon Credit: bloom daily planners

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There’s no denying it—life can be a messy business. It seems like every day, we’re all pulled in a thousand different directions—an appointment here, a meeting there, and eventually, they all add up. It’s enough to make even the calmest heads spin.

Having a way to stay on track is essential for an organized, less-stressed existence. While many people turn to digital planning tools—smartphone apps, Google Calendar, or just notes in a Word doc—plenty of us still adhere to good,old-fashioned planners. Scientists have found we remember things better when we write them down, and clicking a checkmark just isn’t as satisfying as actually writing it yourself.

So, for you schedulers and perfectionists out there who thrive on writing things down and carrying your planner with you wherever you go, these top-rated planners were made for you. Here’s to a well-organized, stress-free 2018.

1. A glittery planner that will inspire you to have the best year ever

bloom daily planners
Credit: bloom daily planners

Pretty on the outside and full of useful tools and trackers on the inside.

Some of us need an inspiring phrase to get us through the less motivated days. This glitzy planner features one front-and-center. Because who doesn’t want to have the best year ever? Plus, it's full of inspirational quotes, goal trackers, and even end-of-month reflection questions to boost your spirit.

Get the 2018 'Best Year Ever' Planner on Amazon for $15.95

2. A planner for the oh-so-busy, jam-packed scheduler

Pretty Simple Planners 2018 Let Me Pencil You In
Credit: Pretty Simple Planners

I'll have my people call your people.

If your schedule is always packed with appointments and timely tasks (because you’re just that busy), this is the planner for you. With a lighthearted phrase scrawled on the cover, you can let everyone know that you’re in demand and remind yourself what a power player you are. It even has a notes section and quirky holidays throughout.

Get the 2018 'Let Me Pencil You In' Planner Amazon for $7.99

3. A cute planner featuring adorable llamas

2018 Llama Weekly Planner
Credit: Andie Hanna

A planner so adorable, you'll look forward to using it every day.

Scheduling your day-to-day tasks is sometimes anything but fun, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to make it more enjoyable. This planner should come with a grin guarantee. Llamas? Sporting adorable accessories and sweet little faces? It’s just the thing to add some much-needed whimsy to your day.

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Get the 2018 Llamas Weekly Planner on Amazon for $5.99

4. A streamlined planner made for minimalists

2018 Minimalist Planner
Credit: Action Publishing

All scheduling and organizing. No distractions.

And then there’s the other side of the spectrum, the people who might appreciate their friend’s llama planner but need their own system to be sleek and understated. This planner was designed with minimalists in mind: large, blank spaces to allow room to write, no color or flashy designs, light patterning, and straightforward sections to reflect upon your goals.

Get the Action Publishing 2018 Large Minimalist Planner on Amazon for $17.95

5. A hardcover planner, journal, and bookmark to cover your bases

2018 Wood Grain Planner
Credit: Global Printed Planner

A planner and journal in one with a natural wooden look and a matching bookmark.

Some people need more than just a planner. They require a planner, a journal, and plenty of room and inspiration to write. This set caters to nature-loving maximalists those who need all the pages they can get for writing down their daily thoughts alongside their plans. In a woodgrain hardcover, this planner has monthly and weekly spreads along with “Priorities of the Week” checklists.

Get the 2018 Agenda for Productivity, Durability, and Style on Amazon for $16.95

6. An on-trend, marbleized planner that looks like a geode

bloom 2018 Geode Planner
Credit: bloom daily planners

As mesmerizing as the cover may be, the planner within is even better.

Marble is such a right-this-minute look, and the trend is especially stylish on the cover of this 2018 planner. Bloom Daily Planners holds several of the top-rated spots on Amazon, and for good reason. Their planners are chic, sturdy, and they have organizational tabs and motivational quotes, too. It’s a beautiful thing when usefulness and style come together.

Get the 2018 Geode Planner on Amazon for $14.95

7. A color-in planner to banish stress and encourage creativity

Blueline 2018 DoodlePlan Color-In Planner
Credit: Blueline

Destress while you plan by adding color to your planner.

If you’re a lifelong doodler, you likely remember being called out by your teacher in class over and over again. Now that you’re an adult, you won’t get in trouble for doodling in your planner, and this particular version gives you the permission to color away. Each and every page has an area to color in, inspiring creativity and calmness.

Get the Blueline 2018 DoodlePlanTM Coloring Planner on Amazon for $9.99

8. A planner for both your appointments and your dreams

Inner Guide 2018 Planner
Credit: Inner Guide

Simple, sophisticated, and soulful.

This isn’t just a planner—it’s a guidebook for your life. If you’re looking to foster more work/life balance in the new year, this planner can help you to do just that. It has mindfulness reminders, a goal-setting chart, and exercises to discover a sense of self-awareness. You can crush those New Year’s resolutions with this planner at your side.

Get the InnerGuide 2018 Goal & Life Planner on Amazon for $28.95

9. A monogrammed planner for a personalized touch

Green Chair Press Custom Planner
Credit: Green Chair Press

Proclaim to the world that you're the one who's organized this year.

You can make your mark on 2018, and you can also do it on your planner. This planner, from the Amazon Handmade store, can be personalized with your monogram and the color of your choice, presented in a modern, geometric print. It’s also designed for 24 months of scheduling and note-taking, so you won’t need to buy another planner until 2020.

Get the 24-month monogrammed monthly planner on Amazon for $20

10. A charming planner with gold accents

Orange Circle Studio 2018 Planner
Credit: Orange Circle Studio

Keep it simple and sophisticated.

This delicate planner keeps things unfussy—the faux-leather cover and gold-foil script are understated and elegant. It has monthly and weekly grids, gilded, metallic pages, and a ribbon to use as a bookmark. Your year shouldn’t be any more complicated than it needs to be, and this planner can help you to start 2018 on the right foot.

Get the Orange Circle Studio 2018 Leatheresque Weekly Agenda on Amazon for $12.99

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