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The 12 weirdest deals of Amazon Prime Day 2017

Who is buying this stuff?


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Amazon Prime Day is the ultimate Christmas in July, but not everything for sale on Prime Day is a slam dunk—There are also a ton of misses. Here are 12 of the weirdest, least necessary items for sale this Prime Day.

1. 23andMe DNA Test—Buy for $199

Credit: Amazon

Getting a discount DNA test from Amazon may be peak 2017.

2. 50 Assorted Rubber Ducks—Buy for $25.99

Credit: Amazon

We’ll just assume you’re buying these for a charity derby duck race.

3. Buddha Garden Statue—Buy for $94.32

Credit: Amazon

Some say peace comes from within. Some say peace comes from a $100 garden statue.

4. Mike Tyson Autographed Glove—Buy for $219.99 SOLD OUT

Boxing glove
Credit: Amazon

Mike Tyson not controversial enough for you? There’s always this Curt Schilling autographed ball.

5. Cheeky Garden Gnome—Buy for $17.78

Credit: Amazon

After these photos got out, he lost his job as a TV pitchgnome for a travel website.

6. Roller Derby Gear—Buy for $95-$197.88 SOLD OUT

Credit: Amazon

Now all you need is a name with a good pun.

7. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers—Buy for $13.62 SOLD OUT

Credit: Amazon

Nothing confuses kids more than giving them markers you’re supposed to sniff.

8. Yankee Stadium Seats—Buy for $791.99 SOLD OUT

Credit: Amazon

We always thought you had to buy sports memorabilia at a sketchy mall store with fixtures left over from when it used to be a Gap. Now, you can get it on Amazon.

9. Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser—Buy for $14.99

Credit: Amazon

This is marketed as “Wall Mount Stand for Lover,” which clarifies both everything and nothing.

10. Inflatable Beer Mug Cooler—Buy for $9.56 SOLD OUT

Credit: Amazon

Even the painted-on beer doesn’t want to be seen on this ugly mug.

11. Fence Window for Pets—Buy for $27.99

Credit: Amazon

Why is dog in bubble? To stop bork.

12. Greenman Tree Sculpture—Buy for $38.90


Ward off friends, neighbors, and potential home buyers with what we can only assume is the pained visage of a man about to be consumed by a forest fire.

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