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15 popular rugs from Ruggable that will make your house cozier

They're stylish and machine-washable. Win-win!

These designs are so pretty that it will be hard to choose just one! Credit: Ruggable

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I think it’s safe to say that, at this point, most people have heard of Ruggable, the new brand of machine-washable rugs. These innovative floor coverings have quickly become a sensation on Instagram and Facebook, as not only are they super easy to care for, but they also come in hundreds of lovely patterns.

Basically, their rugs have two pieces—a rubber pad and a machine-washable cover—and they’re water- and stain-resistant. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including runners and newly released round rugs. We have an in-depth Ruggable review that you can check out for more details, and if you’re sold on the idea, the following are 15 of the most popular Ruggable styles you can buy today.

1. A stunning gray Persian-style rug

Credit: Ruggable

This classic gray rug is one of the brand's bestsellers.

The Hendesi Heriz Abalone Rug is one of Ruggable’s best-selling items, and it’s easy to see why. The pretty gray fabric features an oversized medallion in the middle, with an intricate floral border around the edges. The Persian-inspired design will add a subtle pop of interest to any room, and it gets top marks from hundreds of happy reviewers.

Get the Hendesi Heriz Abalone Rug from Ruggable for $199

2. This cozy white shag rug

Credit: Ruggable

Nope, "easy-to-clean shag rug" isn't an oxymoron!

Finally, a washable shag rug! If you’ve ever owned a shag rug, you know the fabric is prone to getting dirty, and it’s a pain to try to run a carpet cleaner over their high pile. That’s why the Polar White Shag Rug is such a game-changer! When it gets dirty, simply peel off the pad and toss it into the washing machine, and it will come out looking as good as new. Plus, the long, luscious fibers will feel simply wonderful on your toes.

Get the Polar White Shag Rug from Ruggable for $249

3. A bold geometric Aztec-inspired rug

Credit: Ruggable

This bold tribal pattern is great for contemporary spaces.

For those with a modern design aesthetic, the bold Linear Aztec Black Rug will fit perfectly into your home. The rug boasts an eye-catching tribal-themed pattern with black, pearl, ivory, and silver colors mixed in, and reviewers say it's super stylish and perfect for households with pets.

Get the Linear Aztec Black Rug from Ruggable for $199

4. This distressed blue rug with a daisy border

Vintage Daisy
Credit: Ruggable

This slate blue rug comes in all shapes and sizes.

Looking for a more understated design? The Vintage Daisy Bordered Rug has a rich slate blue color and features a subtle floral pattern around the edges. Its antique design is versatile enough to match a wide range of home decor styles, from modern to rustic and everything in between.

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Get the Vintage Daisy Bordered Blue Rug from Ruggable for $199

5. A vibrant blue rug inspired by Navajo design

Credit: Ruggable

The geometric pattern and bold colors make this rug a showstopper.

How stunning is this Dakotah Ivory Blue Rug? The floor covering features a storm pattern, a well-known Navajo design, and the black, blue, and ivory colors are rich and vibrant. It’s the perfect statement piece to pull together your sitting area or bedroom, as its geometric pattern will add visual interest to any space.

Get the Dakotah Ivory Blue Rug from Ruggable for $199

6. An abstract, nautical design for your coastal home

Credit: Ruggable

Upgrade your coastal home with this cool nautical design.

Instead of going with an obvious anchor pattern, what about this abstract nautical design? The Nodum Navy Rug has a deep blue background with fine strokes of ivory that weave in and out to create a rope-like design. It’s the perfect coastal accent to bring into your home.

Get the Nodum Navy Rug from Ruggable for $199

7. A floral rug in a pretty pastel green

Credit: Ruggable

This Japanese-inspired floral print adds brightness to any room.

Love all things floral? Then the Nani Sage Rug should be on your short list. This pattern was inspired by the Japanese artist and textile designer Naomi Ito, and it features an ornate floral motif that uses fine lines and various shades of green to create depth. Reviewers say the colors of this rug are beautiful, and it really brightens up a room.

Get the Nani Sage Rug from Ruggable for $199

8. This eye-catching blue-and-white rug

Credit: Ruggable

This bold rug would make a perfect statement piece in any room.

There’s so much to love about the Delphina Delft Blue Rug—its vibrant colors, the spin on woodblock printing, the ornate floral motif! This rug was inspired by the Greek city Delphi, and the dark blue vinework stands out against the ivory background, creating a pattern reminiscent of 17th century porcelain.

Get the Delphina Delft Blue Rug from Ruggable for $199

9. A contemporary flower-covered rug

Credit: Ruggable

You'll feel like you're walking through a field of flowers with this rug.

Many rugs feature oversized floral patterns, but not this one. The Posy Navy Rug takes the opposite approach with a surface covered in tiny white flowers. The rug has a dark blue backdrop, and from a distance, it almost looks polka dotted. It’s a fun contemporary accent for a playroom, as the blue hue will hide dirt between cleanings.

Get the Posy Navy Rug from Ruggable for $199

10. An understated beige rug with a geometric motif

Credit: Ruggable

This understated rug would match just about any decor.

If you prefer more understated decor, the Prisma Monochrome Rug might be up your alley. This cream-colored rug features an oh-so subtle overlapping hexagonal motif, giving it a sleek, sophisticated appearance. We can see this rug meshing well with rustic, traditional, or even bohemian decor.

Get the Prisma Monochrome Rug from Ruggable for $199

11. This vibrant watercolor floral rug

Credit: Ruggable

This rug is Bold with a capital B!

You can bring a pop of spring color to your home with the Watercolor Floral Coral Rug. This rug has a bold warm-toned color scheme, and it’s covered in oversized flowers, designed to look like a watercolor painting. With its rich hues and dramatic floral motif, this rug is as much a work of art as it is a floor covering.

Get the Watercolor Floral Coral Rug from Ruggable for $199

12. A magical Disney-inspired rug

Credit: Ruggable

Can you spot Mickey's head on this Disney-inspired rug?

If you’re on the hunt for a whimsical rug for your child’s bedroom or play space, look no further than the Mickey Trellis Slate Rug. At first glance, it simply appears to have a circular pattern across the blue-gray surface, but when you do a double take, you’ll notice it’s actually covered in silhouettes of Mickey Mouse—perfect for Disney lovers!

Get the Mickey Trellis Slate Rug from Ruggable for $199

13. A classic black-and-white checkered rug

Buffalo plaid
Credit: Ruggable

Buffalo plaid is a classic pattern that will elevate any space.

You can keep things simple and chic with the Buffalo Plaid Black & White Rug, which features a simple checkered pattern. The traditional Buffalo Plaid print is the perfect complement for country or rustic decor, and reviewers say the rug still looks as good as new after several washes.

Get the Buffalo Plaid Black & White Rug from Ruggable for $199

14. This rug with an intricate jewel-toned pattern

Credit: Ruggable

This detailed pattern is modeled after Turkish kilim rugs.

Each time you look at the Cambria Sapphire Rug, you’ll notice a new detail, whether it’s in the intricate border or Turkish kilim inspired pattern. The rug has rich navy, red, and ivory colors woven throughout, and it will certainly spice up any room, whether your decor is modern, eclectic, or something in between.

Get the Cambria Sapphire Rug from Ruggable for $199

15. A unique Moroccan-inspired rug with an abstract pattern

Credit: Ruggable

The abstract pattern mimics an African mountain range.

We’re rounding out this list with another unique abstract pattern. The Illi Navy Rug sports a Moroccan-inspired design, and its fine white lines are supposed to resemble the Atlas Mountains in northern Africa. The midnight blue background is perfect for adding balance to a bright room, and the abstract design is sure to draw compliments from your guests.

Get the Illi Navy Rug from Ruggable for $199

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