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Walmart+ vs. Amazon Prime vs. Disney+

Here's what you need to know about these services.

Disney plus vs walmart plus vs amazon prime Credit: Reviewed / Naidin Concul-Ticas

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Subscriptions are everywhere now, and many of them offer phenomenal value. Depending on your lifestyle and the size of your family, some of them may simply be too good to pass up. For quite a while, Amazon Prime has been the dominant force in the world of membership-based services, but Disney+ and Walmart+ have gained significant traction in the past year.

So what do these three retail giants have to offer? Are they even in direct competition with one another? Here at Reviewed, we’d like to break down the differences and help you decide which ones, if any, are the right fit for your household.

Amazon Prime vs. Walmart Plus vs. Disney Plus: What are the main benefits?

  Amazon Prime Walmart Plus Disney Plus
Price / month $12.99 $12.95 $6.99
Price / year $119 $98 $69.99
Free trial 30 days 15 days 7 days
Free shipping On all Prime products n/a
Free one-day shipping Depends on the item Depends on the item n/a
Free grocery delivery Depends on the item n/a
Streaming library
Music library
Early access to deals n/a
Student discounts
Gas benefits Member pricing on gas n/a
In-store perks Scan-and-go mobile shopping n/a

For $12.99 a month, or $119 annually, Amazon Prime gives you fast, free shipping on online orders; special member discounts; access to lots of free music and Kindle ebooks; and a massive library of movies and TV on Prime Video. It’s an all-in-one service that outshines the competition in just about every way—at least at a by-the-numbers glance.

Walmart+ is more of a grocery-delivery service, ultimately, offering everything you can get at your local Walmart store for $13 per month, or $98 a year. Members can get quick same-day delivery from about 2,700 participating locations, a special discount on fuel at select gas stations, and in-store benefits with the Walmart app. Unlike Prime, Wamart+ doesn’t offer a streaming component of any kind.

Disney+ is sort of the odd one out here; it’s purely a video-streaming service at present, granting access to a vast catalog of movies, TV, and rarities from throughout the Walt Disney Company’s history. At $6.99 a month (or $69.99 per year), it’s a nice complementary service for a family with either Walmart+ or Prime. It’s especially great for kids—and a lot cheaper than HBO Max.

Walmart+ vs. Amazon Prime: Which service is best for shopping?

If you’re comparing Prime and Walmart+ in terms of their grocery delivery, you’ll want to check both the Walmart and Amazon Fresh websites to see which is available in your area. Unless you live in a major metropolitan city, Walmart+ is likely to have a huge advantage when it comes to getting fresh groceries delivered to your door in a matter of hours.

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On the other hand, Amazon offers perks for Kindle, popular video games, and a Prime Video library that Walmart+ hasn’t begun to compete with. Both services have a $35 minimum on same-day grocery orders.

Amazon Prime vs. Disney+: Which service is best for streaming?

The difference here really comes down to two things—exclusivity and the number of children you live with. Prime has plenty of family-friendly content, sure, but it can’t really keep up with Disney+ when the latter has Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and the classic Disney films.

Still, the selection on Prime Video is as wide as it is surprising. You’ll always be able to find something to watch: How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Casino Royale, Black Dynamite, The Abyss, Eighth Grade, Logan Lucky, Knives Out, Escape from New York. It’s terrific.

Walmart+ vs. Disney+

Though alike in name, that’s basically where the similarities between Disney+ and Walmart+ end. If you love to cook, or you have children, you may find that subscribing to both Disney+ and Walmart+ fulfills your needs well in a way that a Prime membership alone can’t. One is for entertainment, the other’s for shopping, and they’re both pretty great options for their respective functions.

If you’re looking for a single subscription that takes care of most of your shopping and streaming needs, particularly if you’re living in a big U.S. city, Amazon will likely give you the biggest bang for buck.

Amazon Prime vs. Walmart+ vs. Disney+: Which should you choose?

Ultimately, the service (or services) you choose will come down to what you need in a membership-based subscription. Walmart+ is hugely beneficial to people who are looking for affordable and quick grocery delivery. Disney+ is unrivaled in high-quality streaming content due to its massive library of Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel content.

But at the end of the day, Amazon has a firm hold on both the online shopping and streaming service markets. You may not be able to watch all your favorite TV shows and movies for free on the site, but you can rent them for a nominal fee, making Amazon the most convenient choice of all.

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