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You can save hundreds of dollars shopping on this popular site—here’s how

Zulily can help you save money with its daily sales

Here's what you need to know to start saving money on brand-name items. Credit: Zulily

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Chances are you’ve been doing more online shopping than usual lately, and if you’re always keeping an eye out for the best deals, you’ll definitely want to make Zulily one of your go-to shopping destinations.

Zulily is different than other online retailers in a few ways, but if you’re willing to be patient with shipping, it will help you save money on your must-have fashion, home decor, and children’s products. Here’s everything you need to start making the most of Zulily.

What is Zulily?

Zulily is a unique online retailer.
Credit: Zulily

Zulily is a unique online retailer.

Zulily is an online retailer, but it functions differently than other stores. First of all, you need to set up a free account to shop on Zulily. Then, instead of having a set range of products that are always available, Zulily constantly offers new merchandise in its daily sales, which typically last for 72 hours.

You can find all types of products on Zulily each day, including clothes and accessories for the whole family, children’s products, home decor, beauty products, electronics, and more. Sometimes sales will offer a general product like casual women’s pants or be based around a theme, such as home organization. Other times, they’ll offer one specific brand, like Cole Haan shoes. Plus, they often have exclusive items you can't find anywhere else!

There are new sales available every day, so it’s worth checking in periodically to see what’s new on the site—you never know what will strike your fancy. Want to shop on the go? Zulily also offers its mobile app, where you can browse the daily sales, set up brand notifications, and more.

How does shopping on Zulily work?

Shipping via Zulily takes a little longer than usual.
Credit: Zulily

Shipping via Zulily takes a little longer than usual.

If you find something to buy on Zulily, the purchasing process works a little differently. After you buy the item, Zulily waits until the sale ends to place one bulk order. The order is then shipped to the company’s warehouse, where they package it up to send to you.

Because of this distribution strategy, you won’t get your packages quite as quickly as you would with other retailers. In general, it takes 8 to 10 days after the sale ends for Zulily to receive the merchandise, and then it has to be shipped out to you.

In terms of shipping costs, there’s a flat shipping and handling fee of $7.99 for one-item orders, but the more you buy, the more you’ll save. For every additional item you add to your basket, Zulily gives you $1 off your shipping total, and if you purchase nine items or more, shipping is free. Plus, if you check out, only to find something else to buy later in the day, subsequent purchases are consolidated into a single shipment with no additional shipping charges (assuming they’re being sent to the same address).

Does Zulily save you money?

There are new sales available daily.
Credit: Zulily

There are new sales available daily.

By buying in bulk and using its unique shipping process, Zulily helps to save you big bucks on all sorts of brand-name items. Right on the home page, you’ll be able to see the exact discounts being offered during certain sales—up to 65% off activewear, kids’ clothes starting at $19.95, and so on.

However, if you find an identical item available for less, Zulily offers price matching for Walmart and Amazon. To submit a price match request, click on the “Best Price Promise” badge next to the item and fill out the "Found a lower price?” form.

As you can see, Zulily offers a unique way to shop online, giving you new deals to choose from every day. The caveat is that you have to wait a little longer for your items to ship, but with steep discounts available on popular brands, the wait is usually worth it.

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