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10 things I'm obsessed with that I always keep in my bag

I like big bags and I cannot lie

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My bag is more than a place for my wallet and keys. With its frayed shoulder straps and faded curlicue patterns, it's closer to being an old friend. Even though it's not in the best condition, it's reliable and holds everything I need to get through my day—from a compact mirror to extra tissues. You can never be too prepared, right? So, without further ado, here are the essential items you'll always find in my bag:

1. My fidget cube keeps my anxiety at bay

I tend to get restless, especially in social situations, so I need something to keep me occupied. The fidget cube is a desk toy, but I keep it with me at all times because it gives my hands something to do. Roll and click your way to a better state of mind, my friends.

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2. Chapped lips? No problem! eos lip balm is a godsend

If you're as dried-out as an Egyptian mummy, you're going to want to get your hands on eos lip balm. The egg shaped container is cute and small enough to fit in those secret compartments.

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3. Feel a sneeze coming on? These Kleenex packets are a lifesaver

There's nothing more embarrassing than a grown woman dealing with an intense nose bleed on a packed train. Not only was the blood ruining my dress, I had zero tissues or napkins on me. Cool, right? Stick a couple of these Kleenex packets in your bag before you head into town. You never know when the next nose bleed will strike. You'll thank me later.

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4. This rosewater spray will make you feel as good as new

Rosewater spray is the best. Not only does it smell wonderful, it hydrates the skin too. You can use it to freshen up after a long flight or a wild night in the city.

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5. Instantly remove stains with this Tide pen

It works well on ketchup, coffee, wine, tea, BBQ sauce, and more. You'll probably need to crack this bad boy out for your boss at some point, too. When it comes to stains, no one's immune.

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6. The Kindle Paperwhite is perfect for those long commutes

My Kindle Paperwhite is a beloved possession. As someone who writes for a living, it's important to read as much as possible. This e-reader is also super lightweight and there's no glare in bright environments.

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7. This sleek portable phone charger can fit in your pocket

Like most millennials, I can't function without my smartphone. Well, thanks to this stylish power bank, you can charge your phone anywhere. You can say goodbye to the days of outlet hunting. Need I say more?

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8. Keep track of your appointments with a daily planner

I know smartphones can do what a planner does, but I like having one in addition to my smartphone. There's no shame in being too organized, is there?

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9. Have something in your teeth? You're going to need a compact mirror

I prefer a simple compact mirror over LED ones, as I don't wear much makeup. If you use a compact mirror for makeup application, you can get ones with LED lighting here.

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10. If your hair has a mind of its own, you'll want to get a good brush

If you have long hair like me, a tiny brush is a must-have. My hair has a mind of its own, and the wind sure likes to tousle it. This brush doesn't snag, and the ridged grip is super comfortable to hold.

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