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Declutter your charging setup with this dual fast-charger for under $20

Simplify how you charge your devices without sacrificing speed

Declutter your charging setup with this dual fast-charger at its lowest price ever Credit: Anker

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Being able to easily charge your devices is a simple, but essential luxury. And whether all your devices use the same charging cables or you're living in a world of lighting , USB, and USB-C cables, finding enough outlet space all in one place can sometimes be a hassle.

Rather than rigging up a power strip and loading it with multiple wall adapters for your devices, consider a wall charger that allows you to plug in multiple cables. This Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger from Anker allows you to plug in two devices and get the same high-speed charging as if they were each plugged in separately.

• Promises the fastest charge possible to nearly any device
• Plugs in horizontally, so it won't block access to other outlets
• Has a smart LED light that adjusts brightness to match the room (so you can find it in the dark)
• International voltage compatible so it's great for travel too
• Comes with an 18-month warranty in case anything goes wrong

Plus, it's only $18.99 on Amazon right now, the lowest price we've ever seen. It was originally $32, but has hovered around the $24 price point for a while. Now, at under $20, it's a fantastic deal for something that will de-clutter your life a bit more. If you don't need mega-fast charging capabilities, but like the idea of a better charger setup, the Anker Elite Dual Port Wall Charger offers all the same capabilities except for Qualcomm Quick Charge—and it's only $10.99.

Simplify your charging setup with the Anker Quick Charge Dual Port Wall Charger for $18.99 from Amazon.

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