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It's time to replace your heavy winter comforter—this reader favorite is under $20

Spring cleaning is right around the corner

Equinox-Thin-Duvet-Insert Credit: Equinox International

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If you’re still using that old comforter from college, it might be time for a swap.

Just like our pillows and sheets, dirt, sweat, dead skin, drool, and pet hair are lurking within our cozy comforters that we use every night. But unlike our pillows and sheets, our comforters are often overlooked in terms of regular cleaning. If you haven’t washed your comforter in a few months (or ever), it might be time for a deep clean. Or, you could just cut corners with a replacement that's thin enough for springtime.

Luckily, even if you’re on a budget (hi!), you can get this lightweight spring comforter from our readers' favorite brand for just $15.27—one of the lowest prices we’ve seen. The Equinox Thin Duvet Insert was originally priced at $35.99, but has been selling for $20 recently. So you can switch out your dirty, old comforter for half the price of the original.

Credit: Equinox International

This thin duvet is filled with microfiber.

This comforter is made with hypoallergenic microfiber that prevents dust mites and mildew and it’s light enough so you won’t be sweating through your dreams at night. It’s also machine washable and dryer safe, meaning you can finally get into the habit of washing your comforter every month or so.

You can take your spring cleaning—and saving—a step further and take 5% off a two-pack of pillow protectors (usually $8.99) and a set of two pillows (usually $19.99) by clicking the coupon button below the price.

Get a queen-sized Equinox comforter for $15.25 from Amazon and save $20.72

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How to wash your comforter:

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