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These microfiber cloths will transform how you clean—and a set of 24 is only $12 right now

Say goodbye to streaks and hello to an easy clean every time.

These microfiber cloths will transform how you clean—and a set of 24 is only $12 right now Credit: Royal

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UPDATE: As of 7/27, the price has increased $1 to $12.95.

If you’re using paper towels, dish cloths, or rags to clean up in your home or garage, you know the aggravation of seeing streaks and lint stuck to everything you just worked so hard to get clean. Not to mention the cost of paper towels—even the crappiest ones are $2 or more per roll.

There’s a different option, one you’ve no doubt heard mentioned or seen in stores already—microfiber cloths. Right now, you can get a pack of 24 12x16-inch Royal reusable microfiber cleaning cloths for just $12. Yup, that’s cheaper per cloth than a roll of the lowest quality paper towels, and you can use them time and again.

Microfiber cloth
Credit: Royal

These cleaning cloths are great for detailing cars.

This material is designed to be highly absorbent, and gentle on everything from cars and glass to dishes and countertops. Even electronics can be cleaned with microfiber with no worry of scratches, streaks, or lint stuck to the surface. In this set, you’ll get 8 blue, 8 yellow, and 8 white towels, so you can designate specific colors to specific tasks (no worry of drying dishes with the same towel you used in the garage).

With nearly 700 real reviews, and a 4.5-star rating, there’s not much to be said for passing this deal by. There are loads of microfiber towel bundles out there, but this was the best price we could find for a well-reviewed and highly rated set of 24. The equivalent AmazonBasics option is $13.74, and they usually manage to lowball the competition.

Get 24 microfiber cleaning cloths for just $11.99 from Amazon.

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