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The best window AC of 2017 is on sale on Amazon right now

Summer heat blues? Don't sweat it (literally), and get an awesome air conditioner at a great price!

Our favorite air conditioner of 2017 is on sale on Amazon right now Credit: LG

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UPDATE: The price of this LG a/c has dropped even further to just $210.06.

Summer is coming.

Having a cool place to hide out from the hottest days is a must to live comfortably during the summer months. If you’re not a lizard or basking in the luxury of a central-air life, a good window unit is your best bet.

We’ve reviewed a lot of window air conditioners to help you find the best of the best, and our top choice is on sale on Amazon. The LG LW8016ER window-mounted air conditioner originally retailed for $309.99, but has recently dropped into the mid-$200 range. And right now, you can order one for just $219.34. Not only are you saving $90, but you’ll be getting a machine that does it all.

• It cools a room down faster than other models we tested
• It’s quieter than comparable units
• It comes with a remote control
• It’s super easy to install, and sits snugly in the window
• It’s cheaper (right now) than any of our other top picks

The LG window air conditioner does the job, and does it well. But this is a straightforward machine, and maybe you’d prefer something with a bit more curb appeal.

frigidaire cool connect air conditioner
Credit: Frigidaire

Want something a little smarter and sleeker? This Frigidaire might do the trick.

If you’re willing to drop an additional $100, buy the Frigidaire Cool Connect (also on sale on Amazon for $299—down from $350). This bad boy is WiFi-enabled and can be controlled via a smartphone app.

If you don’t care one way or the other about connecting with your air conditioner, the LG model is still your best bet. And you really shouldn’t put a price on your comfort, but if you have to, $220 is a pretty good trade-off for a cool, comfortable summer.

Be ready for the summer heat with the LG LW8016ER window air conditioner ($219.34).

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