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Replace your gross old comforter with this best-seller for less than $25

Winter is coming, after all.

Replace your gross old comforter with a new one for less than $25 Credit: Equinox International

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When's the last time you washed your comforter? Be honest.

Like mattresses and pillows, comforters collect all sorts of microscopic... stuff. Skin cells, dust mites, allergens, drool, sweat: all sharing your bed with you every night. You can wash your comforter, of course—and you should every month or so (here's how). But if you've had it for years and haven't kept up with this cleaning schedule, it might be time to replace it and start fresh.

Right now, Amazon has a great deal on the #1 best-selling comforter. It's only $23.99 for a queen-sized blanket, about $10 cheaper than it usually sells for and the lowest price we were able to find anywhere for this particular brand.

This comforter is hypoallergenic thanks to its synthetic but still plush fiberfill that keeps the blanket warm without weighing it down. And if you prefer to skip the duvet cover, the microfiber material will still feel plenty luxurious and cozy.

While you're at it, your pillows might need some refreshing too. Amazon has two promotional sales that you can take advantage of when you buy the comforter. You can either save 30% on a two-pack of pillow covers ($15 before the promotion) or 20% on a set of two pillows ($17 before the promotion).

Get a queen-sized Equinox comforter for $23.99 from Amazon.

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Not ready to let go of your old comforter? At least give it a good wash:

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