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You will soon be able to buy weed-infused coffee pods for your Keurig

This isn't your average cup of Joe

These weed-infused pods are compadible with Keurig coffee makers. Credit: Facebook

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Let's face it. Weed gets a bad rap.

The drug is normally associated with stereotypes like the lazy stoner or the high school dropout. However, according to an article from Harvard Health Publications, marijuana actually has a lot of medicinal benefits. And now that marijuana is legal in a handful of states, it seems like attitudes are changing as well.

If you use cannabis on the reg, but are looking for a more subtle way of ingesting it, you're in luck. BrewBudz's weed coffee pods will be available in Nevada the first week of June. California and Colorado are the next states to follow.

The pods are a combination of Arabica beans and cannabis flower. For recreational users, the cup contains about 10 mg of THC. For medicinal users, that number gets bumped up to 50 mg. The drink should leave you feeling energized, not sluggish.

Coffee Pod
Credit: Eater

These marijuana coffee pods are compatible with household Keurig coffeemakers too. But, unlike traditional K-Cups, which wreak havoc on the environment, these pods are 100% compostable. They'll cost about $7 each.

Jeffry S. Paul, the VP of BrewBudz, plans on launching the product in 18 different states by the end of next year. That's quite a feat. Given how controversial the legalization of marijuana is, I can't help but wonder how these coffee pods will fare.

If you're not much of a coffee drinker, don't worry. BrewBudz also offers cannabis-infused hot chocolate and tea. I love coffee, but nothing warms my soul more than a cup of hot tea. Tea flavors include green, black, and chamomile.

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