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You can save a lot of time buying a new Vizio TV with this secret code

We cracked Vizio's model name code. Here's the secret.


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The 2017 Vizio D Series is rolling into the market, so we've updated our guide from last year to reflect the new identification methods.

Most TV "series" have only 4 or 5 TVs to choose from in different screen sizes, and even then they almost always share specs like resolution (pixel count) and smart features. Not so with the D Series! Some of them are smart and some of them aren't; some are old-school 720p, some are glorious 4K/UHD. It can make it hard to be certain you're getting just the one you want, we reckon.

While it's (usually) easy enough to know what specs you're getting when there's only one size per series, the D Series has multiple TVs per size. The 2017 D Series has sizes from 24 to 70 inch models, and they have model names ranging from "D24hn-E1" to "D55f-E2." However, if you know what each number/letter means it's actually really easy to figure out the 2017 D Series:

• The D at the beginning (such as DXX-E1) simply denotes it's a part of the D Series. The same goes for the E, M, and P Series TVs.
• The number (24, 50, 65) denotes the screen size, diagonally, in inches. That part's pretty easy.
• The numbers after the letters denote different things. A lowercase f means "full-HD," which denotes a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080, or 1080p.
• A lowercase h means "hd," or "HD." This is old shorthand to refer to 720p resolution (usually 1,366 x 728 resolution).
• If a model is a 4K/UHD model (3,840 x 2,160 resolution), there isn't a number.
• A lowercase n means "not smart," much like the 2016 D Series.

With this knowledge in mind, it's pretty easy to figure out the 2017 models:

• 24-inch (Vizio D24hn-E1)
• 24-inch (Vizio D24h-E1)
• 32-inch (Vizio D32f-E1)
• 40-inch (Vizio D40f-E1)
• 43-inch (Vizio D43n-E1)
• 43-inch (Vizio D43f-E1)
• 43-inch (Vizio D43-E2)
• 50-inch (Vizio D50f-E1)
• 50-inch (Vizio D50-E1)
• 55-inch (Vizio D55f-E2)
• 55-inch (Vizio D55-E0)
• 55-inch (Vizio D55n-E2)
• 65-inch (Vizio D65-E0)

The first 24-inch model is a 720p ("hd") model without smart features. The 32 and 40 inch models are full-HD 1080p models. There are three 55 inch models—two are 4K/UHD, one is 1080p, and one lacks smart features.

Okay, so it's still a bit of a headache to figure out, but with this guide you should have a big leg-up on nailing down what specs the TV has, even if all you have to go by is the model number.