Samsung's old-school pencil stylus looks so real I want to chew on it

It looks like a pencil, feels like a pencil, and writes like a pencil

Samsung Noris digital Staedtler stylus Credit: Staedtler

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It's National Pencil Day! Time to dust off the ol' pencil case, sharpen a few no. 2s, and uh... write a letter, or something. (People still send letters in the mail, right?)

It's safe to say most of us use a keyboard more often than we use a pencil, but that doesn't mean our faithful grade school companion is any less cool than it was when we were gnawing on 'em in between filling in pop quiz bubbles. David Rees wrote an entire book about proper pencil-sharpening technique, there's over 2,000 user reviews written on Amazon's Choice for pencils, and now Samsung wants your next stylus to look and feel just like a pencil.

Samsung Staedtler Digital Noris Pencil Stylus
Credit: Staedtler

This stylus is nearly indistinguishable from a pencil.

The Noris digital is the brainchild of Samsung and German pencil giant Staedtler, and Staedtler ought to know a thing or two about pencils, seeing as how its been designing them since 1835. The Noris digital carries the same size, weight, and feel as Staedtler's classic design, but you won't find any graphite running through the heart of Samsung's stylus.

Samsung wants your next stylus to look and feel just like a Staedtler pencil.

Unlike the Apple Pencil, which features the modern, seamless design one would expect from Apple, the Samsung Noris digital is constructed to have the sharp, hexagonal design of a traditional graphite pencil. The stylus has the same pressure sensitivity as the Samsung S Pen, so it's more of a nifty piece of design rather than a new-and-improved stylus.

But if you're looking to pair your Samsung tablet or smartphone with a stylus that features a more old-school design, there's nothing quite like the Noris digital. As of now, it's not clear when the Staedtler-designed stylus will hit the shelves and how much it'll ultimately cost, but when we finally get our hands on one we'll be sure to share our thoughts.

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