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This evil-looking device charges your phone wirelessly, may also haunt your dreams

This thing is almost certainly cursed, but we don't care.

MotherBox is the first consumer-available wireless charging hub Credit: MotherBox

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As a matter of course, I don't tend to believe in the paranormal. I get creeped out just like anybody else, but usually the logical part of my brain can rein in the hysterical parts of my imagination before they get too carried away.

That said, I want no part of this evil-looking thing cooked up by some bright folks via Columbia University's Startup Lab. It's called the MotherBox, and without even knowing what it does, my first thought was, "That thing is definitely cursed."

You know when you watch a horror movie and the protagonist is about to make an obviously bad decision on some hostile, alien world? And before you can even think, "Why is that egg so sweaty?" they've gone and touched it and messed up their whole life? You think, "I would never do that." This feels like one of those moments.

"Why is that egg so sweaty?"

The creators of the MotherBox insist that it's perfectly fine. The Indiegogo pitch for the MotherBox claims it's a new device that is designed to be among the first consumer-available wireless charging hubs. Unlike current wireless pads that can charge a phone by making direct contact, the Mother Box can charge devices up to 20 inches away.

Black magic, you say? I mean, I'm not going to rule that out. But there's plenty of science behind the concept of using wireless power via magnetic resonance to recharge consumer devices, especially over short distances like this.

It works by sending power to a thin receiver that plugs into the bottom of your phone. It's thin enough to slip inside of existing smartphone cases, though eventually this kind of tech could be built into cases and phones directly.

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Once you have the receiver attached and the app installed, you just have to set the MotherBox on your desk or nightstand. At night, instead of groping around for your phone's charging cable, just put your phone on your nightstand and it'll charge up without you having to do anything.

That's right! Just put this thing right next to you while you sleep. What could be more comforting than slipping into a peaceful slumber next to a jet black orb with glowing lines designed to mimic something you'd find in a supervillain's lair? I'm sure the Green Goblin got tons of beauty rest; just look at the guy.

There's a portable version, to boot. It doesn't have quite the same range, but it works off a 7,000mAh rechargeable battery. The larger version doesn't come with a battery, so you'll have to have it plugged into an outlet or a device that can power it.

Just put this thing right next to you while you sleep. What could be more comforting?

Of course, jokes aside this is incredibly exciting tech, assuming the team can pull it off. With the full-size MotherBox able to supply up to 20 watts of power, it's nearly half-way to the point where you could charge a small laptop without needing a power cable.

If you're interested in checking out the MotherBox you can order one now from Indiegogo. The MotherBox and one receiver will set you back $89, with the Mini costing $10 more. You can save $10 on either one by snapping up one of the first 100 units, though.

The MotherBox is expected to ship in September currently, but as always with crowdfunded projects you never know what fate has in store.

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