Could the same technology that brought you Pokémon Go soon be in your local Sephora?

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AR isn't just for gaming. Credit: Pexels

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Whenever conversation veers towards augmented reality, which combines a real-world environment with digital content, usually mobile games like Pokémon Go spring to mind. Like many other millennials, I too was swept up by the Pokémon Go phenomenon. Yup. I was one of those people wandering around outside in the wee hours of the night catching fictional monsters. Hey, it motivated me to exercise, so I can't complain.

The thing about AR is that it's traditionally associated with games. Whether you're hacking fictional "portals" in Ingress or hunting artificial apparitions in some off-shoot mobile game, there's a lot of AR stuff out there. Thanks to wildly popular apps like Pokémon Go, AR games are all the rage these days. But here at CES, I'm finding that AR isn't just for gaming.

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We're still in the throes of the first press day, so I haven't fully immersed myself (ha) in the show yet, but the lineup of unusual AR products surprised me. These products have the potential to make life easier, which I'm all for. As of right now, I plan on checking out HiMirror and Pixie. These unique gadgets really excite a tech nerd like me.

HiMirror is an augmented reality mirror that monitors your skin's condition. Not only does this gadget highlight problem areas, it also offers skincare tips and tracks your progress. Pixie, on the other hand, helps you locate lost objects. Just attach the chip-like gadget to your keys and download the companion app on your smartphone. The hardware communicates with the app and, like a game of hot or cold, the app tells you where to go. Neat, right?

AR games are cool and all, but AR technology has a ton of potential. I'm really glad developers are tapping into that potential and exploring other avenues.

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