Razer's triple-display gaming laptop is ridiculous and I absolutely need it

It might not ever hit retailers, but damn does it look cool.

Project Valerie is the three-display gaming laptop you didn't know you needed. Credit: / Kyle Looney

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Razer—manufacturer of laptops, computer accessories, and master of all known colors—has brought a few of its passion projects to this year's CES, but none caught my eye like Project Valerie.

Project Valerie is a gaming laptop like no other. Built into the chassis are three 17.3-inch 4K gaming displays that are designed to automatically unfold and give you a triple display setup wherever you happen to be. Just look at that thing. It's utterly ridiculous. And yet, God help me, I want it.

The entire thing is powered by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 GPU——the best graphics card out there—which runs the ridiculous 11520 x 2160 resolution you'll spend your time drooling over. The three displays can either be run together for an immersive gaming experience or you can run multiple applications individually on each screen to create the multi-tasker's dream workspace.

It should go without saying, but Project Valerie isn't as slim and trim as, say, the Razer Blade Stealth. It weighs in at about 10-12 pounds and is 1.5-inches thick. Still, compared to other gaming laptops that are as unwieldy as a desktop tower, Valerie doesn't seem that bad.

Alas, the odds of Valerie becoming a reality are fairly slim. The battery that'd be necessary to power it is enough to leave this almost definitely in "project" territory. But, for a show that's become overwhelmingly iterative, it's refreshing to see a company come in and show off a fun idea it's been working on in its spare time.

And if Project Valerie ever does make it to retail, you can rest easy knowing nothing would stop me from getting it into our office for testing and review. You hear me, Razer? Nothing.

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