Steve Jobs to Be Immortalized on 2015 Collectible Stamp

Other notables include James Brown, Johnny Carson, and the cast of Peanuts.


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Steve Jobs is the latest American icon to be given the stamp treatment. The Washington Post obtained a document containing the U.S. Postal Service's roadmap of upcoming stamps, and the Apple co-founder is scheduled for a 2015 collectible stamp.

Mr. Jobs is in good company: The Class of 2015 includes other national treasures like Johnny Carson, Christmas carols, and water lilies. Even a reissue of the best-selling Elvis Presley stamp will make an appearance. While some of the announced stamps are still being designed, the look of Mr. Jobs' emblem has been finalized.

The details of upcoming stamps are typically kept secret in order to generate hype and sales for the USPS. This classified list is complied by the Postal Service's marketing staff and what the Washington Post calls "a committee of prominent Americans appointed by the postmaster general to come up with ideas."

Via: The Washington Post
Hero Image: Adapted from a photo by Flickr user "sjrankin" (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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