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10 incredible handmade shops you can find on Etsy

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For those who aren’t aware, National Handmade Day is April 3. Since 2018, this celebration of artisans falls on the first Saturday of April and is meant to recognize those who use their creative talents to craft things that make our lives easier, more beautiful, and meaningful.

There are plenty of ways to support artists on National Handmade Day, like visiting your local farmer’s market or arts and crafts fair, donating to an art initiative, or purchasing some amazing handmade products on Etsy. The online marketplace for independent creators has become a global hub for all things unique and creative. You’ll find everything from personalized wedding favors to stunning home decor. It was tough, but we narrowed down 10 of the best Etsy shops to peruse and purchase from on National Handmade Day and beyond.

1. Planner Kate

planner kate logo
Credit: Etsy

Best Etsy shops for National Handmade Day: Planner Kate

Need help organizing your life? Planner Kate can certainly assist. Currently the No. 1 seller on the Etsy platform (1,593,602 sales and counting), this shop made a name for itself with cute craft supplies that are meant to help with organization and planning. Its big sellers are stickers for specific events and popular quotes. For example, you’re able to buy a sheet of stickers with the names of different wacky holidays (think: National Popcorn Day, Bubble Bath Day) all written in gorgeous cursive font. They go well with scrapbooks, journals, planners, and calendars.

Shop goods from Planner Kate on Etsy

2. Julie Peach

lemons and patterned towel
Credit: Etsy

Best Etsy shops for National Handmade Day: Julie Peach

Shop owner Julie Malone uses traditional block printing methods to create gorgeous fabric home goods like napkins, placemats, table runners, pillows, and tea towels. Each piece features bright, striking patterns that would add interest and dimension to any room. Plus, everything is made from eco-friendly linen and non-toxic fabric inks, so they’re safe for you, your family, and the environment. Anything from the shop is perfect for hostess gifts, housewarmings, or just because your dining room needs a serious refresh.

Shop goods from JuliePeach on Etsy

3. JnL Naturals

lip balm
Credit: Etsy

Best Etsy shops for National Handmade Day: JnL Naturals

Inspired by her own personal skincare journey, Jenn of JnL Naturals was determined to create 100% vegan, natural body and skincare products that she thought were lacking in the industry. Even the shop’s packaging is environmentally friendly as it utilizes zero-waste containers for all its products. You can shop for everything from lip balms to deodorant, beard oil, salt scrubs, and skin serums. With an average item review of 5-stars and more than 2,400 sales, these products have quickly become a cult favorite.

Shop goods from JnL Naturals on Etsy

4. La Marcotterie

handmade soaps
Credit: Etsy

Best Etsy shops for National Handmade Day: La Marcotterie

What do a civil engineer and soap have in common? This Etsy shop. Owner Elodie Marcotte started La Marcotterie, a minimalist handmade soap company, intending to create something to help with her eczema. With her background in science, she was able to develop not only that but other beautiful and luxurious soaps for all kinds of skincare needs. You’ll find yummy scents like nectar and caramel that might be too mesmerizing not to buy.

Shop goods from La Marcotterie on Etsy

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5. WAAM Industries

reusable food storage bags
Credit: Etsy

Best Etsy shops for National Handmade Day: WAAM Industries

If you’re looking for something different and functional, check out WAAM Industries for its unique take on storage. Its waxed canvas lunch and snack bags are its best-selling products, acting as an eco-friendly solution to food storage. You can nab one to tote your lunch in or to store herbs and produce for a water-resistant solution to plastic wrap. Color choices range from bright rainbow shades to neutral tones, which means there’s one for every style.

Shop goods from WAAM Industries on Etsy

6. Brownfolds

origami lamp
Credit: Etsy

Best Etsy shops for National Handmade Day: Brownfolds

We bet you’ve never seen a lamp like this (unless of course, you’re one of the thousands of buyers from this Etsy shop. In which case, congrats on your good taste). Brownfolds creates fantastic geometric light shades by meticulously folding high-quality origami paper. The shop also sells inkblot wall art and a DIY paper wall trophy.

Shop goods from Brownfolds on Etsy

7. Not Perfect Linen

women modeling linen clothing
Credit: Etsy

Best Etsy shops for National Handmade Day: Not Perfect Linen

Not Perfect Linen believes in slow buying and slow living—a mindset the shop hopes to instill in its customers, as well. Everything is made by hand, which makes each piece a little special and unique. Because of the labor used, each piece is minimal without any excess detailing for an easy, relaxed look. The shop offers linen tops, bottoms, dresses, jumpsuits, scarves, and more.

Shop goods from NotPerfectLinen on Etsy

8. Belaya Hvoya

two wooden spoons
Credit: Etsy

Best Etsy shops for National Handmade Day: Belaya Hvoya

Who knew spoons could be so stunning? Kirill Babii, the artist behind Belaya Hvoya,
uses reclaimed walnut and apricot tree wood to create useful kitchen tools and utensils like bowls, plates, knives, forks, and spoons that could double as installation art. You’ll find a wide variety of shapes and sizes from shallow to narrow and wide widths. Reviewers rave about the professional smooth finish and size consistency, with one referring to the seller as a “master craftsman.”

Shop goods from Belaya Hvoya on Etsy

9. Big Stuffed

whale stuffed animals
Credit: Etsy

Best Etsy shops for National Handmade Day: Big Stuffed

Growing up, some of the best toys were the ones that were handmade and unlike any other. That’s the case with the Big Stuffed shop, as well. The sheer massive size of each toy alongside unique details (like drooped, sleepy eyes) makes this aquatic line of stuffed animals one of the most original we’ve ever seen. There are whales, octopuses, crabs, manatees, sea stars, walruses, and plenty more to pick from. Since they’re so massive, each toy is safe for children of all ages (adults included).

Shop goods from BigStuffed on Etsy

10. Janet Hill Studios

paintings of woman in hat and flower arrangement
Credit: Etsy

Best Etsy shops for National Handmade Day: Janet Hill Studios

Whimsical and elegant, Janet Hill’s evocative paintings and prints are pure joy for the eyes. Often depicting women, estates, and the scenes surrounding them, these vibrant prints are sold in four sizes: mini, small, medium, and large. Some images are also printed on greeting cards and stationery, so there is a multitude of ways to enjoy them. These prints are perfect for any art lover, collector, or decorator.

Shop goods from Janet Hill Studios on Etsy

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