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10 top-rated umbrellas that will keep you dry in the rain

Always have one on hand.

Umbrella Credit: Totes/Davek

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Umbrellas are one of those things you rarely have on you, but always wish you did when it’s too late. Start the fall season off on a drier foot with an umbrella you’ll actually want to carry around—whether it’s lightweight, features an eye-catching pattern, or features a wide enough circumference to keep you nice and dry. Here, 10 of the most popular and highest-rated umbrellas to shop this season.

1. This budget-friendly umbrella with over 7,000 reviews

Siepasa Umbrella
Credit: Siepasa

If a sweet pattern is what you’re going for, look no further than Siepasa. But the fact that it comes in 45 styles is the least impressive of its features. It’s self-standing, comes with its own cover, and features a C-shape handle so you can wear it like a bracelet, and carry on with your day with ease. With over 7,000 reviews, many customers note it’s so durable it does a particularly fantastic job of not flipping inside out during windy days.

Get the Siepasa Spar. Saa Double Layer Inverted Umbrella from Amazon for $19.99

2. The best umbrella you can buy

Credit: Reviewed/Kyle Looney

This umbrella can weather any storm.

Of all the umbrellas our experts have tested, we found the Davek Solo Umbrella to be the very best. Not only is it sturdy, stylish, and protected by a lifetime guarantee (making it well worth the splurge), but it's also one of our editor-in-chief's favorite products. He's had his Davek umbrella for years and raves that it's the perfect balance of full coverage and quick-drying portability.

Get the Davek Solo Umbrella from Amazon for $115

Totes umbrella
Credit: Totes

Like looking up at the bright blue sky through a sunroof, this translucent umbrella allows you to continue you to be one with your surroundings. It provides extra protection against the elements thanks to a sturdy plastic coating. Reviewers say this best-selling umbrella checks every box: “When I used it for the first time, it was raining really hard and extremely windy due to a storm passing by and it kept me dry and didn't break/get damaged. I love the structure so much because it covers you and you can also see through the umbrella to see where you're going. Plus it's super cute and stylish. I love this umbrella so much, best purchase ever!”

Get the Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella from Amazon for $19.50

4. This brilliant inverted umbrella

Sharpty umbrella
Credit: Sharpty

Why would you need an inverted umbrella? Well, just think about the kind of beating your umbrella gets in particularly windy weather—if your umbrella was designed to fold over backwards, it can weather any storm. With over 6,000 ratings, reviewers say they love this option (which comes in 24 stunning styles) because its C-shape handle makes for easy storing and hanging, and its bright colors add a pop of personality to the greyest of days. One of our own staff members owns the Sharpty umbrella and says it's a total game-changer.

Get the Sharpty Inverted Umbrella from Amazon for $16.99

5. This trendy umbrella from Hunter Boots

Credit: Hunter

Match your umbrella to your boots.

The brand behind everyone's favorite rain boots also makes an umbrella that's equally fashionable and functional. The clear bubble umbrella has a high 4.1-star rating on the Hunter website thanks to its chic design and sturdy handle that's made of reinforced plastic and fiberglass. Psst: It's stylish enough that it makes for a great (yet practical) gift, too.

Get the Original Moustache Bubble Umbrella from Hunter Boots for $50

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6. This oversized golf umbrella

Firm Grip umbrella
Credit: Firm Grip

Most folks don’t technically need all 60 inches in diameter of an umbrella, but as the top-seller at Home Depot at such a great deal, you may as well take advantage of the extra shelter space. Of its hundreds of rave reviews, many say it’s a particularly great option for keeping multiple people dry at once.

Get the Firm Grip Golf Umbrella in Black and White at Home Depot for $4.98

7. This mini umbrella

Weather Station umbrella
Credit: Weather Station

Sometimes you’re just looking to protect your blowout from a light mist. In this case, a mini umbrella with a 42-inch canopy will work just fine without taking up too much space in your bag. The top-selling umbrella from Walmart garnered positive reviews for its easy clickable opening function. And at this low price, it’s basically a no-brainer purchase.

Get the Weather Station Automatic Super Mini Umbrella at Walmart for $5

8. This highly-rated umbrella from Target

ShedRain umbrella
Credit: ShedRain

What you see is what you get here: a simple ergonomic handheld design with a button opening and closure function that includes a strap for easy portability. Of Target’s best-selling umbrella, reviewers say it’s made their lives infinitely easier during rainy season: “I love this umbrella! With a press of a button, you can open or close it. It's well built and has a great design.”

Get the ShedRain Auto Open/Close Compact Umbrella at Target for $15.99

9. This umbrella designed for city use

Blunt umbrella
Credit: Blunt

While the goal is to social distance wherever we are, sometimes packed city streets make that impossible. What will have your back (and keep it dry, too), is this 32-inch umbrella designed specifically not to knock into pedestrians, and that folds neatly into a 14-inch cylinder for easy storage. As the “last umbrella you’ll ever need,” according to the brand with over 400 positive ratings, customers say it's worth the higher price tag: "I've had my Metro umbrella for four rainy, windy, crowded public transport winters and it's still like new. I love that it's small enough to slip into my bag. Worth every cent. Couldn't recommend more highly."

Get the Blunt Metro Umbrella from Amazon for $59

10. This light-up umbrella

Bestkee Umbrella
Credit: Bestkee

Wind, rain and darkness aren’t a great mix—unless you’re carrying around an umbrella to keep you safe from all three. With four 40-inch canopy color option and seven LED color options, you’ll enjoy ultimate visibility and protection from the elements. With over 1,000 reviews, customers say how much they appreciate how easy it is to carry around, whether it’s slung around your back on handheld: “This is the most fantastic umbrella ever! I'm very glad I bought it. It's very durable, even in high winds. It slides open very smoothly and doesn't catch when taking it down either. The carrying case is very helpful and allows you to have your hands free when not in use or on public transportation, with chance of leaving it behind, because you can just wear it over your shoulder or back.”

Get the Bestkee Lightsaber Umbrella from Amazon for $28.99

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